Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 2, February, 1998

Log Management and Recovery Technique Using Status Information Table and Fuzzy Checkpoint in Client / Server Database Systems
Choi Eui In, Koh Byung Oh
Consistency Management in Active Object - Oriented Database
Lee H . M .
A Concurrency Control Method using Cache Lock in Mobile Computing Systems
Kim Chi Yeon, Hwang Bu Hyun
Design and Implementation of MuX Based Multimedia Tele - Tutoring System
Kang Sung Soo, Ryu Ki Yeol, Byeon Kwang June
Design and Implementation of a Image Coder Using Stack - Run Algorithm
Lee Seok Hee, Choi Kil Seong, Cho Ki Hyung
An Efficient Task Assignment Algorithm in Distributed System
Park Chee Hang, Kim Joo Man, Lee Cheol Hoon
A Parallel Matching Algorithm for a Special Convex Bipartite Graph on an EREW PRAM Model
Kim Myung Ho, Jung Chang Sung
Two Dimensional Pattern Recognition Using Spectrum Analysis And Backpropagation
Cha Seung Yoon, Kim Sung Nak
Lexical Information Based Morphological Ambiguity Reduction
Kim Jae Hoon
A Comparative Study on Real - number Processing Method in Genetic Algorithms
Jang Su Hyun, Yoon Byung Joo
Fast Solver of Theodorsen equation for conformal mapping
Song En Jee
Development of a Tool for Information Visualization Using Hierarchical Structure on the WWW
Rho Won Bin, Heu Shin
Design and Implementation of an Internetworking System based on the IEEE 1355 Standard
Hwang Min Tae, Kim Jang Kyung
A Specification Language System for Shared object under CORBA Open Distributed Computing Environment
Park Yang Su, Kim Hun Gyu, Lee Myung Joon, Han Sang Yong
Analysis of Efficient Traffic Control Techniques for ATM Networks
Lee Bae Ho, Han Seong Il, Weon Yong Kwan
A Joint Rate-Distortion Control of Multichannel MPEG Video for DBS Applications
Park Dae Chul, Choi Mi Ran, Jung Doo Young
An IDL Compiler for ReCA CORBA System
Park Seong Jin, Lee Dong Hun, Kim Young Gon, Park Yang Su, Lee Myung Joon
Implementation of a Proposal Processing System on the World Wide Web
Jang Woo Hyun, Lee Nam Jun, Park Moon Ho, Lee Ha Wook, Lee Bong Hwan
A Formalization of OMG Naming Service Specification
Kim Mi Hee
Design and Verification of a Group RPC Protocol for A Support Distributed System
Lee Jong Kun, Lee Chang Seuk, Lee Kwang Hui
The Design and Implemenation of Crossbar Network Router Emulator for SPAX'
Jung Sung In, Lee Jae Kyung, Kim Hae Jin, Rim Ki Wook
A Buddy Register File for the Fine Grain Simultaneous Multithreading
Cho Seuk Hwan, Lee jae Do, Yoon Young Woo
The TLB Performance Analysis by a Trace - driven Simulation
Park Jang Suk
A PVM Code Generator for COIS Program
Woo Je Hak
Speaker Adaptation Using ARHMM Varied Number of Branches in Each State
Kim Kwang Tae, Seo Jeong Il, Hong Jae Keun
A Fractal Color Image Compression Technique based on the Luminance Component
Oh Jeong Seok, Ahn Jae Hyuung
Lag-Free CCID for Image Information Processing
Park Yong, Lee Young Hee
A New IEEE Standard 1149.1 Backplane Test Extension for Multiple Board Accesses
Yim Yong Tae, Kim Hun Gyu, Kang Sung Ho
Design of the Efficient Encoder for the Canonical Huffman Code
Park Hwa Sik, Cho Gyung Yun


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