Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 12, December, 1998

Design and Implementation of a COncept-based Image Retrieval System : COIRS
Yang Hyung Jeong, Kim Ho Young, Hur Dae Young
The Local Version Manager for Object Oriented Software Development Environment
Choi Dong Oun, Kim Soo Yong, Song Hang Sook
Implementation of RTP/RTCP for Teleconferencing System and Analysis of Quality-of-Service using Audio Data Transmission
Kim Dong Kyoo, Kang Min Gyu, Hwang Seung Koo
A Multimedia Presentation Model Based On PST
Choi Hae Gill, Choi Sook Young, Yoo Kwan Jong
The Design and Analysis of Stablizing Algorithm for Client Buffer using Control Messages on VOD Systems
Park Kyoo Seok, Song Tae Seob, Moon Beong Cheoul
Distrbuted Processing and Minimum Design of Fault-Tolerant Arrangement Graph for Distributed & Parallel System
Jun Moon Seog, Lee Moon Gu
A New Interconnection Network for Multicornputer
Lee Hyeong Ok, Kim Byung Chul, Lim Hyeong Seok
Distrbuted Processing and Routing Strategy on the XMESH Topology for the Massively Parallel Computer Architecture
Kim Jong Jin, Youn Sung Dae
A Visual Analysis Tool for LOTOS Specifications
Cho Soo Sun, Lee Kwang Yong, Oh Young Bae
A Formal Specification and Verification of CORBA Standards
Kim Mi Hee
Automatically Generating C++ Source Code from LOTOS Specifications
Kim Cheol Hong, Cheon Yoon Sik, Kim Kang Ho
A Study of Weighted Graph Coloring Algorithm for Timetabling Problem
Kim Myung Jae, Ahn Jong II, Chung Tae Choong
A Construction of a Statistical Learning System using CGI and Xlisp-Stat on the Internet
Jung Nam Cheol
The Development of a Secure Web System based on S-HTTP : SecWeb
Cho Eun Kyung, Park Jung Soo, Kang Shin Gak, Park Sung Yul
Design and i~mplementation of validation tool for TTCN test case
Lee Ok Bin, Lee Hyun Jeong, Chin Byoung Moon, Lee Sang Ho
Clock Recovery Algorithm for VBR Traffic in ATM Networks
Moon Hong Jin, Chang Seong Hyun
A Web Based Multicast Multimedia Application
Shin Myung Ki
A Connection Management Scheme for Mobile Communication Networks
Ha Eun Yong
The Scheme for Implementing Number Por~tability using Advanced Intelligent Network
Cho Min Soo, Kim Tae II
A Hierarchical Location Update and Routing Scheme for Mobile Computing Environment
Jo In June, Kim Moon Ja, Cho Gi Hwan, Kim Dong Kyoo
Design and Implementation of OA & M for Multi-service Access Network
Ko Byung Do, Ryou Jae Cheol, Kim Jae Guen
Computer Graphics & A Circuit Extractor Using Directional Edges for Design Verification of Integrated Circuit
Son Yeong Chan, Park Seog Hong, Yu Sang Dae
An Image Compression Technique Using Inter/Intra-Subband Correlations between the Wavelet Transformed Coefficients
Park Won Bae, Ahn Jae Hyeong
Color Image Enhancement Using Human Visual Properties and Neural Network
Shin Hyun Wook, Cho Seok Jae
A Study on Virtual Reality Management of 3D Image Information using High-Speed Information Network
Kim Jin Ho, Kim Jee In, Chang Chun Hyon, Song Sang Hoon


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