Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 11, November, 1998

A Transaction Manager for Real-Time Database Systems Using Classified Queue
Kim Gyung Bae, Bae Hae Young
A Strategy to maintain Cache Consistency in Mobile Computing Environments using the Asynchronous Broadcasting
Kim Dae Ong, Park Seong Bae, Hwang Bu Hyun
A Feature-Based Retrieval Technique for Image Database
Kim Bong Gi, Oh HaeSeok
A Spatial Data Mining System Extending Generalization based on Rulebase
Choi Seong Min, Kim Ung Mo
A Study for Efficient Transmission Policies using Multimedia Scenarios
Suh Duk Rok, Lee Won Suk
Gnu Ada'95 Runtime Library (GNARL) : Tasking Implementation and Performance Improvement
Moon Seung Jin, Oh Dong Ik
Distrbuted Processing and Minimization of Communication Cost using Repeated Task Partition for Hypercube Multiprocessors
Kim Joo Man, Yoon Suk Han, Lee Cheol Hoon
Distrbuted Processing and Generating Ial Addresses for Block-Cyclic Distributed Array
Kwon Oh Young, Kim Tae Geun, Han Tack Don, Kim Shin Dug
Distrbuted Processing and Design of RMESH Parallel Algorithms for Median Filters
Jeon Byeong Moon, Jeong Chang Sung
Distrbuted Processing and Lower Bound of Message Complexity for Election Alogorithm in a Complete Network with Intermittent Faults
Kim Seong Dong
Interconnection Technique of Function Components in the Java Integrated Development Environment
Yoo Cheol Jung
An Extraction Algorithm of Dynamic Program Slice Using Variable-Variable Relationships
Kim Tae Hee, Kim Byung Ki
A Technique for On-line Automatic Signature Verification based on a Structural Representation
Kim Seong Hoon, Jang Moon IK, Kim Jai Hie
Rule Generation by Search Space Division Ining Method using Genetic Algorithms
Jang Su Hyun, Yoon Byung Joo
Development of A Traffic Network Controller using Fuzzy Logic
Kim Jong Wan, Han Byung Joon
A Study on Estimation Model of Student using the Neural Network
Kim Hyun Soo, Sohn Keon Tae
Certificate-based Electronic Cash System
Hwang Seong Oun
Design and hnplementation of Internetworking System between ATM and PSTN
Tak Sung Woo, Lee Jung Tae
Study on Multi-party Real-Time Communication with Guaranteed QoS in Information SuperHighway
Lim Sun Hwa, Kim Mun Hwa
A study on the characterization and traffic modeling of MPEG video sources
Jeon Yong Hee, Park Jung Sook
Computer Graphics & A Scheduling Algorithm for the Synthesis of a Pipelined Datapath using Collision Count
Yu Dong Jin, Yoo Hee Jin, Park Do Soon
Computer Graphics & A Design of a CMOS Circuit of Asynchronous Adders Based on Carry Selection and Carry Bypass
Jung Sung Tae
Computer Graphics & A Study on the Efficient Dynamic Memory Usage in the Path Delay Fault Simulation
Kim Kyu Chull
A Counter-based Adaptive Priority Scheduling Policy for the Readers-Writers Problem
Kang Sung II, Lee Heung Kyu
The Efficient Edge Detection using Genetic Algorithms and Back-Propagation Network
Park Chan Lan, Lee Woong Ki


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