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Vol. 5, No. 10, October, 1998

View Schema Generation and Implementation for Part_of Hierarchies in Object-oriented Databases
Cha Hyun Joo, Yoon Jong Pil
A Relational Spatiotemporal Database Query Language and Their Operation
Kim Dong Ho, Ryu Keun Ho
Design of SGML DTD for Time-dependent Hypermedia Documents
Kim Ho Jin, Lee Soo Jin, Choy Yoon Chul
Content-Based Image Retrieval System using Keyword Mapping and Color Features
Choi Ki Ho, Choi Hyun Sub
Distrbuted Processing and An Algorithm Solving the Biconnected-components Reconstruction Problem
Lee Chang Suk, Park Jung Ho, Koo Yeon Seol
Distrbuted Processing and A Heterogeneous Task Scheduling Reducing Effects of Communication
Moon Hyun Ju, Jeon Joong Nam, Kim Suk II, Hwang In Jae
Object-Point Metrics Based on Design Style Guidelines of Object-Oriented Software
Yoo Cheol Jung, Chang Ok Bae, Moon Yang Sun
A Functional Verification Techniques in Software Reverse Engineering
Hwang Sun Myung, Jin Young Taek
Program Slicing Using the PIFG: with emphasis on Jump Statement
Park Jae Heung, Kang Won Im, Park Joong Yang
A Object-oriented Program Dependency Graph for Object-oriented Program Representation
Park Jae Heung, Park Joong Yang, Ryu Hee Yeol
Software Reliability Growth Modeling in the Testing Phase with an Outlier Stage
Park Man Gon, Jung Eun Yi
Aggregation Based on Situation Assessment
Choi Dae Young
Recognizing Unknown Words and Correcting Spelling Errors as Preprocessing for Korean Information Processing System
Park Bong Rae, Rim Hae Chang
Performance Improvement Strategies on Minimum Distance Classification for Large-Set Handwritten Character Recognition
Kim Soo Hyung
ATime Series Forecasting Using Neural Network by Modified Adaptive Learning Rates and Initial Values
Yoon Yeo Chang, Lee Sung Duck
A New Interconnection Network Using Graph Merger
Lee Hyeong Ok, Heo Yeong Nam, Lim Hyeong Seok
A Performance Analysis of the Virtual Cell System for Mobile Hosts
Lim Kyung Shik
Impl tation and Performance Evaluation of the Dynamic Redundant Tramsmissiom Mechanism for Loss Recovery of Audio Packets, on Teleconferencing System using RTP/RTCP
Kang Min Gyu, Kung Sanghwan, Kim Dong Kyoo
Calculation Methods for Slot Utilization Based on Erasure nodes in DQDB Networks
Kim Chonggun, Cho Kyoung Sook, Oh Bum Suk
The Design of Real Time Full Accounting ement System in a Broadband Access Network
Shim Jea Chan, Chang Beom Hwan, Hong Seong Sun, Ko Byung Do, Chung Tai Myung
Hit Ratio and Hybrid Branc h Prediction Performance with Victim BTB
Joo Young Sang, Cho Kyung San
Design and Perforrnance Analysis of High Perfo Processor-Memory Integrated Architectures
Kim Shin Dug, Kim Young Sik, Han Tack Don
MRI Image Compression by Using Recognition of Region of Disease
Kim Hyun Soon, Bae Sung Ho, Park Kil Houm
An MRF-Based Texture Segmentation Using Genetic Algorithm
Lee Kyung Mi, Kim Sang Kyoon, Kim Hang Joon
A New Pitch Detection Method Using The WRLS-VFF-VT Algorithm
Lee Kyo Sik, Park Kyu Sik
The Inspection Algorithm using Invariant Moment for the Detection of Lead Faults of Semiconductor IC
Rhee Kil Whi, Kim Joon Seek


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