Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 1, January, 1998

Design and Implementation of Music Information Retrieval System using Melodies
Jee Jeong Gyu, Oh Hae Seok
A Multiple Layered Database Design and Maintenance in Object - Oriented Databases
Kim Nam Jin, Shin Dong Cheon
Distributed Processing and Size Reduction and Performance Analysis of the Bit - map Table Used in the Bus - based Shared Memory System
Woo Jong Jung, Lee Ka Young
Distributed Processing and A Queueing Model for Performance Analysis of SPAX Inter - Node Communication System
Cho Il Yeon, Lee Jae Kyung, Kim Hae Jin
Distributed Processing and An Explicit Superconcentrator Construction for Parallel Interconnection Network
Park Byoung Soo
Efficiency Measurement Method and Simplification of Program
Yang Hae Sool
The Systme Integration Model based on CORBA
Kim Nam Yong, Wang Chang Jong
A Design of Cooperative Works Platform for Software Development Productiveity
Cho Sung Been, Kim Jin Suk
The Object - Oriented Class Hierarchy Structure Design Method using the Rapid Prototyping Techniques
Heo Kwae Bum, Choi Young Eun
Numerical Method for Eigen Pairs of a Real Valued Symmetric Matrix
Choi Seong, Cho Young Sik, Baek Cheong Ho
A Study on the Integration Reasoning of Rule - Base and Case - Base Using Rough Set
Jin Sang Hwa, Chung Hwan Mook
Automatic Density Measurement System Using Optical Lens in High Speed Textile Fabrication Process
Lee Eung Joo, Hyun Ki Ho, Jeong In Gab
Study on Implementation of a Neural Coprocessor for Printed hangul - Character Recognition
Kim Young Chul, Lee Tae Won
Description of Abstract Test Suite using TTCN
Park Young B, Chin Byoung Moon
Design and Implementation on T . 120 Convergence Layer Protocol to Support Multicast Transport Protocols
Kim Su Yeon, Kim Young Chul, Kim Ho Yong
A Performance Analysis of the Reliable Multipeer Protocol ( ReMP ) for Dynamic Multimedia Group Communications
Son Ji Yeon, Won Yoo Jae, Oh Soo Hyoung, Lim Kyung Shik, Hwang Seung Ku
Design and Implementation of Performance Manager System for Web Application Service Management
Han Jeong Soo, Ahn Seong Jin, Chung Jin Wook, Park Hyoung Woo
E - Mail Browser for Hangul Message on Internet
Lee Jung Hyun, Rim Seong Rak
The Method of The Geometric Shape - Matching using Spline
Sim Je Hong, Park Chul Ho
Rubber Sheeting Algorithm for Resolving Digital Map Mismatches
Cho Mi Gyung, Cho Hwan Gue
A Predicate - Sensitive Scheduling Algorithm in Instruction - Level Parallelism Processors
Yoo Byung Kang, Lee Sang Jeong
A Study on the Compression Ratio of Fractal - based Color Image Using YIQ Model
Kim Seong Jong, Shin In Chul
Extraction of Korean Information from Maps by Spatial Filtering Neural Network
Lee Woo Beom, Joung Ji Wook, Hwang Ha Jung, Kim Wook Hyun
A Neural Network Model for the Perception of Illusory Surfaces
Jeong Eun Hwa, Hong Keong Ho, Kim Wook Hyun
A Design of a High - Speed Multilayer Printed Circuit Board through Signal Verification
Choi Chul Yong


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