Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 9, September, 1997

The Method to Process Nearest Neighbor Queries Using an Optimal Search Distance
Seon Hwi Joon, Hwang Bu Hyun, Ryu Keun Ho
Information Retrieval System using Keyword Network
Woo Sun Mi, Yoo Chun Sik, Lee Chong Deuk, Kim Yong Sung
Video Segmentation and Video Browsing Using the Edge and Color Distribution
Heo Seoung, Kim Woo Saeng
Distributed Processing and Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Multimedia Synchronization Algorithm using Media Scalings
Bae Ihn Han
Distributed Proessing and Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithmfor Hypercube Multicomputers
Ha Sook Jeong, Bae Ihn Han
Distributed Processing and A Study on the Efficient Task Scheduling by the Reconstructed Task Graph
Byun Seung Hwan, Yoo Kwan Jong
Distributed Processing and Constant Time Algorithm for Building the Linear Quadtree on RMESH
Kong Heon Taek, Woo Jin Woon
Distributed Processing and Design and Analysis of a Class of Fault Tolerant Multistage Interconnection Networks : the Augmented Modified Delta ( AMD ) Network
Kim Jung Sun
Distributed Processing and Performance Improvement of SVLIW Architectures by Removing LNOPs from An Object Code
Jeong Bo Yun, Jeon Joong Nam, Kim Suk Il
A Method of Extending a Multiagent Framework with a Plan Generation Module
Lee Gowang Lo, Park Sang Kyu, Jang Myong Wuk, Min Byung Eui, Choi Joong Min
Recognition of Roads and Districts from Maps
Jang Kyung Shik, Kim Jai Hie
A Combined Method of Rule Induction Learning and Instance - Based Learning
Lee Chang Hwan
Designing Neural Network Using Genetic Algorithm
Park Jeong Sun
Design and Implementation of the Content - Based Image Retrieval Sustem using Color Features on the World Wide Web
Choi Hyun Sub, Choi Ki Ho
Development of an Automatic Hypertext Indexer for Dynamic Information Storage
Yi Dong Ae, Jang Duk Sung
Design of Intrusion Detection and Audit Trail System using Network Events
Ryu Keun Ho, Kim Ki Jung, Yun Sang Hun, Lee Yong Jun
A Design and Implementation of Access Control Mechanism based on the Integrated Information Model
Kang Chang Goo, Park Jin Ho, Choi Yong Rak
Adaptive Usage Parameter Control Mechanism using a Variable Token Pool in ATM Networks
Koo Ja Gwang, Lee Hwan Chung, Kim Chong Gun
An Achievement of High - rate Digital Subscriber Lines ( HDSL ) Interface Function into the ATM Switching System and its Service Implementation
Yang Choong Reol, Chang J . D ., Kim J . T ., Kang S . R ., Kim W . W .
Implementation of TINA CM Package Functionning as Connection Setup and Release
Park Jun Hee, Oh Hyun Ju, Kim Sang Ha
Implementation of Terrain Model Viewer by DirectX
Sohn Kwang Hyun, Noh Yong Deok
Dominant Point Detection Algorithm on Digital Contours with Constrained Number of Points
Seo Won Chan


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