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Vol. 4, No. 8, August, 1997

Design of Object - Active - Knowledge ( OAK ) Model for Postal Business
Lee J . H ., Shin P . S ., Lim H . C ., Hwang J . K ., Woo D . J ., Kim H . K .
On the Efficient Data Transfer Method of Multimedia Data Processor
Chung Ha Jae
Distributed Processing and Fault Diameter and Fault Tolerance of Gray Cube
Lee Hyeong Ok, Joo Nak Keun, Lim Hyeong Seok
Distributed Processing and Design and Implementation on Auto - Presentation Feature in Client / Server application Development Tools
Lee Geun Young, Kim Moon Hae, Lim Chae Deok, Ine So Ran
Development of a Quality Assessment Tool for Software Reuse
Choi Eun Man
Object Modeling of Intranet Application applying Design Patterns
Bae Je Min, Lee Kyung Hwan, Lee Chang Hoon
Test Suites Generation Method in Consideration of Data Flow
Kim Yong Seung, Woo Sung Hee, Oh Byeong Ho, Lee Sang Ho
Implementation of Testing Tool Verification of ATM Switching Software
Chung Chang Sin, Hwang Sun Myung, Lee Kyung Whan, Kim Haeng Kon
Implementation of Software Error Management Supporting System
Yang Hae Sool, Lee Ha Yong, Ahn You Whoan
Maintaining Spatial Informations and Structuring Appilcation System in 2 - Dimensional Space
Lee Mal Rey, Hwang Su Cheol
The Font Recognition of Printed Hangul Documents
Park Moon Ho, Shon Young Woo, Kim Seok Tae, NamKung Jae Chan
Concept - based Translation System in the Korean Spoken Language Translation System
Choi Un Cheon, Han Nam Yong, Kim Jae Hoon
Implementation of a Performance Monitor using Object Oriented Concept
Kim Yong Soo, Lee Keum Suk
Design and Implementation of Electronic Approval System using Encryption
Jang Yung Chul, Oh Teh Sok, Oh Moo Song
Design of the Call Admission Control System of the ATM Networks Using the Fuzzy Neural Networks
Yoo Jae Taek, Kim Choon Seop, Kim Yong Woo, Kim Young Han, Lee Kwang Hyung
A Study on Traffic Analysis and Hierarchical Program Allocation for Distributed VOD System
Lee Tae Hoon, Kim Yong Deak
Design of the Load Sharing Scheme and Performance Evaluation in Distributed Systems
Kim Gu Su, Eom Young Ik
Modeling and simulation for Network Data Access System
Jun Jong Arm, Kang Hoon, Park Hyun Dong, Ryou Jae Cheol
Layout Automation of Integrated Circuits Based on Analog Constraints
Cho Hyun Sang, Kim Young Soo, Oh Jeong Hwan, Yoon Kwang sub, Han Chang Ho
Study on the Similarity Functions for Image Compression
Joo Woo Seok, Kang Jong Oh
Minimum Crosstalk Layer Assignment for Three Layers Gridded Channel Routing
Jhang Kyoung Son
Automated Synthesis of Time - Stationary Controllers for Pipelined Data Path of Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Kim Jong Tae
Curve Tracing Algorithm for Surface / Surface Intersection Curves in 3D Geometric Modeling
Park Chul Ho, Hong Sung Soo, Sim Je Hong


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