Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 7, July, 1997

Transforming an Entity - Relationship Model into an Object - Oriented Database Model Depending on the Role of Relationship
Kim Sam Nam
Dynamic File Allocation Problems In Distributed Systems
Seo Pil Kyo
Distributed Processing and A Strategy using Updatable Message for Retaining the Cache Consistency in the Mobile Computing Environment
Park Seong Bae, Hwang Bu Hyun
A Study on Survey and Applicability of Evaluation and Selection Models for Software Products
Park Ho In, Jung Ho Won
Design and Implementation of Quality Evaluation Toolkit of Analysis Phase Product
Yang Hae Sool
Classification and Retrieval of Object - Oriented Reuse Components with HACM
Bae Je Min, Kim Sang Geun, Lee Kyung Whan
The Development of Dynamic Forecasting Model for Short Term Power Demand using Radial Basis Function Network
Min Joon Young, Cho Hyung Ki
An Enhancement of Learning Speed of the Error - Backpropagation Algorithm
Shim Bum Sik, Jung Eui Yong, Yoon Chung Hwa, Kang Kyung Sik
A Cell Loss Constraint Method of Bandwidth Renegotiation for Prioritized MPEG Video Data Transmission in ATM Networks
Yun Byoung An, Kim Eun Hwan, Jun Moon Seog
Traffic Scheduling using Multi - Thresholds in ATM Networks
Kim Jong Eun, Ahn Hyo Beom, Cho Kyung San
A Connection Admission Control with Recursive Formula in ATM Networks
Nam Jae Hyun, Park Chan Jung, Lee Kee Hyun
Routing Control Algorithm for SS7 Signaling Traffic with Distributed Message Handling Processors
Cho Young So, Ryu Keun Ho
Performance Analysis of a Cell - Cluster - Based Call Control Procedure for Wireless ATM Networks
Kim Sung Soo, Cho Young Jong
LOTOS Protocol Conformance Testing for Formal Description Specifications
Kim Sung Un, Chin Byoung Moon, Ryu Young Suk
Rearrangeability of Reverse Shuffle / Exchange Networks
Park Byoung Soo
A Study on Minimization Algorithm for ESOP of Multiple - Valued Function
Song Hong Bok
Noise Removal and Edge Detection of Image by Image Structure Understanding
Cho Dong Uk
Distinction of the Korean and English Character Using the Stroke Density
Jeon Il Soo, Won Nam Sik, Lee Doo Han
The Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters using Probabilistic VQ Networks and hierarchical Structure
Lee Jang Hoon, Shon Young Woo, NamKung Jae Chan
Graphic Image Dithering Technique Based on Symmetric Error Diffusion
Kwon Sung Bok, Kim Young Mo
A FPGA Implementation of BIST Design for the Batch Testing
Rhee Kang Hyeon


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