Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 6, June, 1997

A Study on the Estimatio Method for the Equipment Operating Costs in the Data Center Outsourcing Environment
Hwang Kyung Tae, Kwon Oh Hun
A Design and Implementation of a Content - Based Image Retrieval System using Color Space and Keywords
Kim Cheol Ueon, Choi Ki Ho
A Study on the Bandwidth Allocation Control of Virtual Paths in ATM Networks for Multimedia Service
Jang Yung Chul, Lee Jung Jei, Oh Moo Song
Video Browsing and Retrieval System using Structured Logical Video
Kwon Sung Bok, Cho Young Woo, Kim Young Mo
Design and Implementation of WWW - based Multimedia - On - Demand System
Lee Keun Wang, Oh Hae Seok
Distributed Processing and Fault - Tolerant , Distributed Detection of Complex Events and States in Distributed Systems
Shim Young Chul
Distributed Processing and Fine Grain Real - Time Code Scheduling Using an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Chung Tai Myoung
Distributed Processing and A Novel VLSI Architecture for Parallel Adaptive Dictionary - Based Text Compression
Lee Yong Doo, Kim Hie Cheol, Kim Jung Gyu
Proposal and Evaluation of hierachical Model of Internal Characteristics for Software Quality Measurement
Yang Hae Sool, Lee Pyong Geun
A Study on Development of component Understanding System for Object - Oriented Prototyping
Kim Haeng Kon, Cha Jung Eun
Adaptive Korean Continuous Speech Recognizer to Speech Rate
Kim Jae Beom, Park Chan Kyu, Lee Jung Hyun
Discretization of Continuous - Valued Attributes for Classification Learning
Lee Chang Hwan
Vector Heuristic into Evolutionary Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Ahn Jong Il, Jung Kyung Sook, Chung Tae Choong
An Efficient Method for Controlling the Number of Proofs in Prolog
Nam Young Kwang
Implementation of the Extended Data Encryption Standard (EDES)
Han Seung Jo
A Design and Analysis, Simulation of Intelligent Network Application Protocol
Do Hyun Sook
Design and Analysis of Tech - Economic for Optimized Access network over Information Super Highway
Jang Jong Wook, Lee Kae Sang, Lee Jung Tae
Implementation of an MOD System for Native ATM Service
Heo Hong, Lee Keun Wang, Kim Bong Ki, Oh Hae Seok
Efficient Repair Algorithms using Disk Mirroring
Kim Sung Soo, Cho Young Jong
An Extended - Weighted Buddy System for an Object - Oriented Computer
Kim Kwan Joong, Kim Byung Gi
A Study on Generation of Parallel Task in High Perormance language
Park Sung Soon, Koo Mi Soon
Distinction of Korean and English Characters Using the Result of Thinning
Jeon Il Soo, Won Nam Sik, Lee Doo Han


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