Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 5, May, 1997

Development of Telemedicine System which is a CBM based Collaborative Multimedia System on LAN Environment
Kim Seok Soo, Park Gil Cheol, Hwang Dae Joon
A Multimedia Retrieval Query Language for Multimedia Database Presentation
Nah Yun Mook
Disk Load Balancing Scheme for High Speed Playback of Continuous Media in VOD Server
Lee Seung Yong, Lee Ho Suk, Hong Sung Soo
Development of Auto Presentation System of Toolbook Using Object Auto Transition on Multimedia Authoring Tool
Yang Ok Yul, Jeong Young Sik, Lee Yong Ju
Distributed Processing and Distributed Processing and Parallel Processing
Yoon Seok Hwan, Kim Pyoung Jung, Park Ji Eun, Lee Jae Young, Lee Tong Hyun, Kung Sang Hwan
Distributed Processing and An Approach to Interoperability Test using an RTO Model
Choi Jin Young, MIn Byoung Joon, Kim Moon Hae
Distributed Processing and A Study of Designing Parallel File System for Massive Information Processing
Jang Si Woong, Chung Ki Dong
Multicast Methods in Support of Internet Host Mobility
Bang Sang Won
Specification and Simulation Environment for Prototying the Object Model
Jung Lan, Kim Jung A, Moon Chung Ryeal, Kim Jung Doo
Abstract Representation of Events on Object - Oriented Programs
Lim Keun, Lee Kyung Hwan
The Optimal Evaluation Model Tool of NHPP Type Software Reliability
Moon Wae Sik, Han Pan Am
A Study on the Extraction of an Individual Character and Chiness Characters Recognition on the Off - Line Documents
Kim Eui Jeong, Kim Tae Kyun
Generating Fuzzy Rules by Hybrid Method and Its Application to Classification Problems
Lee Mal Rey, Lee Jae Pil
A Multimedia Mail System using IMAP Protocol
Lee Bong Hwan, Park Moon Ho, Lee Ha Wook, Joo Gi Ho, Lee Chan Do, Lee Nam Jun, Sim Young Jin
A New Routing Algorithm for ISPN
Cha Mi Lee, Lee Kwang Il, Park Nam Hoon, Kim Sang Ha
Supporting X Applications through the Firewall
Lee Dong Hun, Hong Chang Youl, Park Yang Su, Kim Young Gon, Lee Myung Joon
Strong Connectivity Decision Method using Graph Rewriting System in Conformance Testing
Lee Joon Won, Kim Sung Un, Koo Yeon Seol
Design and Implementation of A Native ATM API
Sung Jong jin
Integrated Environments of Protocol Developement Tools
Oh Heang Seok, Choi Young Hwan, Lee Sang Ho
Enterprise Information Processing Characteristics and Client - Server Architecture Implementation
Kim Young Gul, Park Young Myun
A Study on Identifying Undetectable Faults Using Uninitializable Flip - Flops
Lee Jae Hoon, Cho jin Woo, Min Hyoung Bok
Development of a Systolic Array Design System ( SADS )
Yoo Kee Young, Lee Sung Woo, Park Dong Ki, Kim Yoon Ho
A Parallel Task Orinted Memory Manager for Dynamic Objects
Kim Eun Jung, Bae Jong Min


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