Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 4, April, 1997

Data-Driven Exploration for Transient Association Rules
Lee Do Heon, Cho Il Rae, Kim Jong Deok
Modelling of Video Data for Effective Content-based Retrieval
Jeong Mi Young, Lee Won Suk
An Efficient Two-Level Hybrid Signature File Method for Large Text Databases
Yoo Jae Soo, Kang Hyung Il
Implementation of a Content-Based Image Retrieval System with Color Assignments
Kim Cheol Ueon, Choi Ki Ho
The Design and Implementation of an Editor Composing DTD and SGML Document
Hyun Deuk Chang, Lee Soo Youn
Implementation of Multipoint Communication Service for Multimedia Conference System
Seong Dong Su, Hyun Dong Hwan, Hahm Jin Ho
Distributed Processing and Development of New Retrieval Performance Measures for Query Reformulation Algorithms
Kim Nam Ho, James C . French, Donald E . Brown
A Multicast Service Framework for Mobile Hosts
Bang Sang Won, Cho Gi Hwan, Kim Byung Ki
A Decision Method of Error Positions Compounding Program Slicing Method and Backtracking Method
Yang Hae Sool, Lee Ha Yong
Improved Function Point Model for Software Size Estimation
Ahn Yeon Shick
A New TRF Delay Model for the Efficient Hazard Analysis in a 5-valued Logic Simulation
Kang Min Sup
Formalization of Object-Oriented Dynamic Modeling Technique
Kim Jin Soo, Kim Jeong Ah, Lee Kyung Whan
A Restriction Strategy for Automated Reasoning using a Fuzzy Algorithm
Kim Yong Gi, Baek Byeong Gi, Kang Sung Soo
Analysis of Statistical Neurodynamics for the Effects of the Hysteretic Property on the Performance of Sequential Associative Neural Nets
Kim Eung Soo, Oh Choon Suk
A Development of WWW-based Electronic Payment Protocol using PGP
Park Hyun Dong, Kang Shin Gak, Park Sung Yul, Ryou Jae Cheol
Design of the High-Performance Group Transport Protocol to support QoS for Distributed Multimedia Applications over ATM
Song Byung Kwen
Distributed Data Allocation Methods and Implementations using the Temporary Table
Heo Kwae Bum, Lee Jong Sup, Jeong Kwae Dong, Choi Young Eun
The Study on Optional Information Elements of Q. 2931 in Korea
Kim Seog Bae, Choi Kang Il, Lee Seog Ki, Lee Hyeun Tae
Design of a Charge-Coupled Device without Vertical Black Stripes
Park Yong, Lee Young Hee
Design and Implementation of SR Run-Time Support System Using POSIX Threads
Kim Young Gon, Jeong Young Phil, Park Yang Su, Lee Myung Joon
Fractal Video Coding in Wavelet Transform Domain
Bae Sung Ho, Han Dong Suk, Park Kil Houm
Highlight Detection Using Photometric Stereo and Object Reconstruction Using Difference Image
Bae Chul Min, Moon Young Shik
A Study on the Feature Extraction of Strokes using the Maximum Block Method
Kim Eui Jeong, Kim Tae Kyun


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