Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 3, March, 1997

Transaction Scheduling Technique Using Double Locking in a Soft Real-Time Database System
Choi Eui In, Koh Byoung Oh
A Recovery Algorithm for Database Systems using Nonvolatile DFeRAM
Kim Yong Keol, Park Jin Won, Jin Seong Il, Cho Sung Hyun
Dynamic Multiversion Control in Multilevel Security Environments
Chung Hyun Cheol, Hwang Bu Hyun
An Object-Oriented Database Design for Managing SGML Documents
Han Eh No, Park In Ho, Kang Hyun Syug, Kim Wan Syug
Design and Implementation of a Multi-level VOD Server System
Suh Duk Rok, Kang Dae Hyuk, Kim Su Jung, Lee Won Suk, Lee Jeong Su
Interactive Chinese Character Distance Learning System on the WWW
Kang Jong Gyu, Park Sang Woo, Kim Hyun Suk, Kim Kye Hwan, Jin Seong Il
Distributed Processing and Time Complexity Analysis of Boolean Query Formulation Algorithms
Kim Nam Ho, Donald E . Brown, James C . French
Distributed Processing and Application of a Fast Parallel Poisson Solver to Barotropic Prediction Model
Song Chang Geun, Lee Sang Duck
A Technique of Deriving Concrete Object Model for C++ Programming
Kim Tae Gyun, Lim Chae Deok, Song Young Ki, In Sho Ran
A Robust Back Propagation Algorithm for Function Approximation
Kim Sang Min, Hwang Chang Ha, Oh Kwang Sik
Implementation of Audit Trail Service System for EDI Security
Jeong Kyeong Ja, Kim Ki Jung, Seo Kyong Ran, Ryu Keun Ho, Kang Chang Gu
Techniques Using MUIO and Shortest Path ( MUSP ) and Multiple Unique State Signature ( MUSS ) for Synchronizable Test Sequence Generation
Jung Yoon Hee, Hong Beum Gee
Design of A Real-Time Transport Protocol ( RTTP )
Park Chang Yun
Model Fitting using an Active Surface with Global Deformations
Kim Dong Keun, Choi Jeung Won, Hwang Chi Jung
Performance Analysis of n-way Set Associative Cache and Fully Associative Cache
Cho Yong Hoon, Kim Jung Sun
Analysis of Disk Array Architecture as a Storage Server of a Small-Scale VOD Server
Koh Jeong Gook, Kim Gil Yong
Directory Cache Coherence Scheme using the Number-Balanced Binary Tree
Seo Dae Wha
Development of C++ Compiler and Programming Environment
Chang Chun Hyon, Oh Se Man, Yoo Chae Woo
Execution Model for Functional Programming Language with States
Joo Hyung Seok, Kim Hong Eub, Yoo Weon Hee
Detection and Reconstruction of Road Information from Maps by Optical Neural Network
Lee Woo Beom, Hwang Ha Jung, Kim Wook Hyun
Extraction of Road from Color Map Image
Ahn Chang, Choi Won Hyuk, Rhee Sang Burm
DCT Coefficient Block Size Classification for Image Coding
Kang Kyeong In, Kim Jeong Il, Jeong Keun Won, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug


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