Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 2, February, 1997

A Study on the Design and Requirements of the Object-oriented Database Systems
You Yang Keun, Lyu Hae Young
Effective Parallel Hash Join Algorithm Based on Histogram Equalization in the Presence of Data Skew
Park Ung Kyu, Choi Hwang Kyu, Kim Tag Gon
A Design and Implementation of an Integrated Environment for Sharing and Reusing OLE Objects
Chang Choong Hyuk, Lee Hyun Ho, Lee Won Suk
Comparisions of stream activation mechanisms in computer based teleconferencing systems for low delay
Lee Kyung Hee, Kim Doo Hyun, Kang Min Gyu, Jung Chan Geun
A Multimedia Conference System with a Hybrid Infrastructure
Sung Mee Young
A Study on Information Analysis and Automation of Objects based on Reusability
Kim Jae Saeng, Song Young Jae
Analysis of Failure Count Data Based on NHPP Models
Kim Seong Hee, Jeong Hyang Sook, Kim Young Soon, Park Joong Yang
A New Type of Recurrent Neural Network for the Improvement of Pattern Recognition Ability
Chung Nak Woo, Kim Byung Gi
The Design and Implementation of the SPR / SCR Management System for Reliability Data Collection and Analysis
Lee Chang Heui, Han Pan Am
Verification of Rule Bases Using Petri-net
Cho Sang Yeop
A Study on Tools for Agent System Development
Lee Gowang Lo, Park Sang Kyu, Jang Myeong Wuk, Min Byung Eui, Wang Seung Ku
Performance Analysis of Multilayer Neural Net Classifiers using Simulated Pattern-Generating Processes
Park Dong Sun
MCBP Neural Network for Efficient Recognition of Tire Classification Code
Koo Gun Seo, Oh Hae Seok
Accuracy and Efficiency for Computation of Noncentral χ2 Probabilities
Gu Son Hee
A Study on the Shortest Path Algorithm With Direction of the Postal Route Optimization System
Nam Sang Woo, Park Moon Sung
High Speed Interconnection Network for Interworking Gateway of Heterogeneous Networks
Kim Dong Won, Ryu Won, Jun Kyung Pyo, Bae Hyeon Deok, Shin Hyeon Sik, Lee Hyun Woo
A Stable Random Access Protocol For A Computer Network
Lee Sang Keon
Development of a Wireless Communication System in the Tunnel
Cho Koon Shik, Lee Sun Heum, Lim Hae Jin, Kim Sun Hyoung
A Modular Architecture and Its Procedure of Signalling at the NNI for B-ISDN in Korea
Park Nam Hoon, Min Byung Do, Lee Seog Ki, Cha Young Wook, Kim Sang Ha
A Study on the Electronic Voting Scheme Suitable for Large Scale Election
Yun Sung Hyun, Kim Tai Yun
A Formal Method on Conformance Testing for AIN Protocol Test Generation
Kim Sang Ki, Kim Sung Un, Chung Jae Yoon
E-mail System Providing Integrated User's View for the Message containing Image and Text
Dokko Seh Joon, Lee Taek Gyeun, Lee Hyung Woo, Yun Sung Hyun, Lee Seong Whan, Kim Chang Hun, Kim Tai Yun
An Architecture of ATM Multimedia Communication Service Terminal
Park Jong Hoon, Kim Seon Ja
Reconstruction of 3D Shapes from Contour Line Data using The Backpropagation Neural Networks (2)
Kim Su Sun, Kim Dong Yoon, Kim Ha Jine
Mandelbrot Set Image Generation using 8-connectivity
Kim Young Bong
Test Pattern Generation for Combinational Circuits using Inherited Values
Song Sang Hoon
A High Speed Motion Estimation Architecture for Three Step Search Algorithm
Kim Sang Joong, Kim Yong Gil, Yim Kang Bin, Kim Yong Deak, Chung Ki Hyun
An Implementation of the Fault Simulator for Switch Level Faults
Yeon Yun Mo, Min Hyoung Bok


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