Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 12, December, 1997

A Signature - based Spatial Match Retrieval Method for Iconic Image Databases
Chang Jae Woo, Jaideep Srivastava
A Study on Temporal Data Models and Aggregate Functions
Lee In Hong, Moon Hong Jin, Cho Dong Young, Lee Wan Kwon, Cho Hyun Joon
A Systematic Evaluation of Thinning Algorithms for Automatic Vectorization of Cartographic Maps
Lee Kyong Ho, Kim Kyong Ho, Cho Sung Bae, Choi Yoon Chul
An Effective Video Block PlacementStrategy on VOD Storage Server with MZR Disks
Lim Hyoung Roung, Kim Jong Hoon, Kim Young Ju, Chung Ki Dong
A Study Mode of Synchronous & Asynchronous for Multimedia Distance Education System
Kim Sang Jin, Kim Seok Soo, Park Gil Cheol, Hwang Dae Joon
A Study on QoS Based Resources Management Model for Supporting Multimedia Services
Kung Sang Hwan, Yoon Seok Hwan, Hwang Seung Ku
Design and Implementation of the ECBM for Inference Engine
Ryu Keun Ho, Shin Jeong Hoon, Oh Myeon Ryoon, Oh Kwang Jin, Rhee Yang Weon, Kim Young Hoon
Effects of Cognitive Styles and Navigation in HyperSpace Learning Environment
Ahn Mi Lee
Virtual Environment Interfacing based on State Automata and Elementary Classifiers
Kim Jong Sung, Lee Chan Su, Song Kyung Joon, Min Byung Eui, Park Chee Hang
Fuzzy Multi - Criteria Decision Support Systems Model with Multi - Persons
Choi Dae Young
A Model of Natural Language Information Retrieval Using Main Keywords and Sub - Keywords
Kang Hyun Kyu, Park Se Young
Polynomial Higher Order Neural network for shift - invariant Pattern Recognition
Chung Jong Su, Hong Sung Chan
Parallel Evaluation of Linearly Recursive Rules using a Shared - Nothing Parallel Architecture
Cho Woo Hyun, Kim Hang Joon
A Key Distribution and Authentication Scheme based on X . 25 Protocol
Sohn Ki Wook, Park Eung Ki, Lee Jin Seok, Shin Ki Soo
Web System over Native ATM Service
Sung Jong jin
Service Session Object Modeling and Session Management for Multimedia Service on Open Networking Architecture
Shin Young Seok, Oh Hyun Ju
Transmission Performance of ADSL for High Speed Multimedia Service Using Unshield Twisted Pair
Kim Jin Tae, Yang Sung Mo, So Woon Sup, Kwak Kyung Sup, Choi Byung Ha
Access Control of Pay TV Program in Digital Satellite Broadcasting System
Park Jeong Hyun, Lee Sang Ho
A Study on the RRMC Implementation for the Efficient Resource Management in DBS System
Shin Cheon Sig, Kim Shin Hong
Multimedia Mail Autoring System Providing Message Integration
Lee Taek Kyeun, Kim Tai Yun
The Performance Improvement of an Efficient Usage Parameter Control Algorithm in ATM Networks
Park Sung Kon
An Architecture - based Software Understnading ( ARSU ) and the Software Re / reverse - engineering Environment ( SRE )
Lee Moon Kun
A Buffer Replacement Algorithm utilizing Reference Interval Information
Koh Jeong Gook, Kim Gil Yong
Fractal Image Compression Using Adaptive Selection of Block Approximation Formula
Park Yong Ki, Park Chul Woo, Kim Doo Young
The Detection of Ellipse by Using Modified Least Square Method in Image
Jang Yung Chul, Oh Moo Song
Eye Location Algorithm For Natural Video - Conferencing
Lee Jea Jun, Choi Jung Il, Lee Phill Kyu


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