Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 11, November, 1997

Implementation of Distributed System for Banking Accounting with the TP monitor
Lee Sung Joo, Ghoi Wan Gyu, Na Young Nam
A Study on the Disk Array Parameters for VOD Servers
Kim Jung Doo, Pak Jung Yeon, Ahn Byoung Chul
Design of Encoding / Decoding Class Library for the MHEG - 5 Objects
Lee Sei Hoon, Wang Chang Jong
Design and Implementation of Multimedia Authoring System using Temporal / Spatial Synchronization Manager
Yeu In Kook, Hwang Dae Hoon
Designing a Bitonic Sorting Algorithm for Shared - Memory Parallel Computers and an Efficient Implementation of its Communication
Lee Jae Dong, Kwon Kyung Dong, Park Young B
Distributed Processing and The Design of Parallel Routing Algorithm on an Recursive Circulant Network
Bae Yong Keun, Park Byung Kwon, Chung Il Yong
Distributed Processing and Parallel solution of linear systems on the CRAY - 2 using multi / micro tasking library
Ma Sang Back
Distributed Processing and Comparison of Design and Implementation for Distributed Active Objects based on RMI ana CORBA environment
Lee Do Hak, Kim Shik, Hyun Mu Yong
Distributed Processing and An Adaptive Wormhole Routing using Virtual Channels in K - ary n - cubes
Lee Sung Mok, Kim Chang Soo
A Configuration Change Control Procedure for Software Maintenance
Choi Kwang J ., Jin Seong I ., Kim Ki B .
On the SimFlex Language Constructs for Object - Based Software Process Programming
Kim Young Gon, Lee Myung Joon, Kang Byeong Do
Improving the Training Performance of Neural Networks by using Hybrid Algorithm
Kim Weon Ook, Cho Yong Hyun, Kim Young Il, Kang In Ku
Theory Refinement using Hidden Nodes Connected from Relevant Input Nodes in Knowledge - based Artificial Neural Network
Shim Dong Hee
Discrete - Time Analysis of Throughput and Response Time for LAP Derivative Protocols under Markovian Block - Error Pattern
Cho Young Jong, Choi Dug Kyoo
An Adaptive Synchronization by Analyzing the Delay Time of Media
Seo Y . G ., Oh Hae Seok, Shim J . C ., Kim H . Y ., Kim H . J .
A Location Registration Protocol for Distributed Call Processing Architecture in the ATM - based PCS
Hong Yong Pyo, Park Sun Young, Lee Jin
A Real - time Traffic Control Scheme for ATM RCT
Lee Jun Yeon, Lee Jae Wan, Kwon Hyeog In
A Proposal for Protocol Conformance Testing Method using Idle Virtual Channel
Hong Beom Kee, Jung Yoon Hee, Oh Chang Seok, Lee Joon Won
View Variations and Recognition of 3 - D Objects
Whang bo Taeg Keun
Cache Replacement Policies Considering Small - Writes and Reference Counts for Software RAID File Systems
Kim Jong Hoon, Noh Sam Hyuk, Won Yoo Hun
A Study on High Performance Floating Point Unit
Park Woo Chan, Han Tack Don
A Methodology for Translation of Operating System Calls in Legacy Real - time Software to Ada
Lee Moon Kun
An Analysis on The Optimal Parititoning Configuration of Cache for Meeting Deadlines of Real - Time Tasks
Kim Myung Hee, Joo Su Chong
The Design and Implementation of the ParaC Language
Lee Kyoung Seok, Woo Young Choon, Kim Jin Mee, Chi Dong Hae
FPGA Implementation of VME System Controller
Bae Snag Hyun, Lee Kang Hyeon
New Technology Mapping Algorithm of Multiple - Output Functions for TLU - Type FPGAs
Park Jang Hyun, Kim Bo Gwan


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