Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 10, October, 1997

The Design and Implementation of Method for Providing VCR Functions in VOD
Hong Myung Joon
A Study on the Visual System of Object - Oriented Based on Abstract Information
Kim Haeng Kon, Han Eun Ju, Chung Youn Ki
A Study on the Hangul Query Processor based on IFM ( Information Modeling )
Lee Seo Jeong, Park Jai Nyun
A design of a tool to verify completeness and consistency of object - oriented analysis
Kim Chi Su, Jin Young Jin
Effcient Neural Network Architecture for Fat Target Detection and Recognition
Weon Yong Kwan, Baek Yong Chang, Lee Jeong su
A Study on the Real - time Search Algorithm based on Dynamic Time Control
Ahn Jong Il, Chung Tae Choong
A Study on the Heuristic Search Algorithm on Graph
Kim Myoung Jae, Chung Tae Choong
A Fuzzy Traffic Controller with Asymmetric Membership Functions
Kim Jong Wan, Choi Seung Kook
A Multilevel Key Distribution using Pseudo - random Permutations
Kim Ju Seog, Shin Weon, Rhee Kyung Hyune
Authentication for Security on Satellite Control Communications
Park Jeong Hyun, Rim Sun Bae
Interoperability Schemes for the B - ISDN Pint - to - point Call / Connection Signalling of ITU - T and ATM Forum
Kim Seog Bae, Min Byung Do, Park Nam Hoon, Lee Seog Ki
An Implementation of Internet Protocol Version 6 o Windows NT Kernel Environment
Kang Shin Gak, Kim Dae Young
The Development of a Tool for Selection of LAN Switch with QoS
Lee Phil Jai, Lee Jong Moo
Design of Multiprocess Models for Parallel Protocol Implementation
Choi Sun Wan, Chung Kwang Sue
Architecture design of the straight - line Hough Transform processor for image analysis
Park Young June, Song Nag Un
A Study on The Adaptive Equalizer Using High Order Statistics in Multipath Fading Channel
Lim Seung Gag
Delayed Scheduling under Resource Constrains
Shin In Soo, Yi Keun Man
Real - Time Scheduling Facility for Video - On - Demand Service
Sohn Jong Moon, Kim Gil Yong
An Efficient Code Expansion from EM to SPARC Code
Oh Se Man, Yun Young Shick
A Study on Performance Enhancement of the Rate Scheme for ABR Traffic on ATM Networks
Lee Yo Seob, Yu Eu Jin, Chang Hyun Hee, Pang Hea Ja, Jun Moon Seog
Image Compression Using DCT Map FSVQ and Single - side Distribution Huffman Tree
Cho Seong Hwan
Video Coding Using Wavelet Decomposition for Very Low Bit - rate Networks
Oh Hwang Seok, Lee Heung Kyu
Progressive Image Coding using Wavelet Transform
Kim Jeong Il, An Kwang Tae, Kim Jae Cheol, Yoo Choong Yeol, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug


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