Digital Library

Vol. 4, No. 1, January, 1997

Design and Implementation of Relational Database Model Using Fuzzy-Rough Sets
Kang Jeon Geun, Chung Hwan Mook
Fast Fractal Image Compression Using DCT Coefficients and Its Applications into Video Steganography
Lee Hye Joo, Park Ji Hwan
An Empirical Study on Costing and Pricing in On-Line Database Service
Lee Young Jai, Chung Woo Sung
Providing an Object-Oriented Interface on a Relational Database System for Switching Systems
Ceong Hyi Thaek, Lee Gil Heang, Cho Ju Hyun, Kim Yong Min, Lee Do Heon, Noh Bong Nam
The Design and Implementation of a Content-based Image Retrieval System using the Texture Pattern and Slope Components of Contour Points
Choi Hyun Sub, Kim Cheol Won, Kim Seong Dong, Choi Ki Ho
Distributed Processing and Virtual-Parallel Multistage Interconnection Network with multiple-paths
Kim Ik Soo
A New Process Structure for Constructing Efficient Information Retrieval Systems
Kim Byung Ki, Koh Hyung Dae, Yoo Jae Soo
Systems Engineering Approaches for the System Software Development of Gigabit Information-processing and Networking Technology
Min Byung Eui, Yoon Seok Hwan, Park Seung Min, Kung Sang Hwan
A Study on Software Reuse System Using Reverse Engineering
Choi Eun Man
A Study on Quality Metrics of Reusable Classes Candidates
Kim Jae Saeng, Song Young Jae
A Solution of the Agent Termination Problem in Multi-Agent Systems
Jang Myeong Wuk, Park Sang Kyu, Lee Gowang Lo, Min Byung Eui
Diagnosing Multiple Faults using Multiple Context Spaces
Lee Gye Sung, Kwon Kyung Hee
Speaker-Adaptive Speech Synthesis based on Fuzzy Vector Quantizer Mapping and Neural Networks
Lee Jin Yi, Lee Kwang Hyung
Linear Planner for the Elementary Blocks World
Shim Dong Hee
An Optimal Traffic Signal System of Cross-roads Applying Fuzzy Control
Lee Young Shin, Lee Yun Bae
Computation of Noncentral T Probabilities using Neural Network Theory
Gu Son Hee
A Study on the Character Correction of the Wrongly Recognized Sentence Marks , Japanese , English , and Chinese Character in the Off-line Printed Character Recognition
Lee Byeong Hee, Kim Tae Kyun
Key Distribution Protocol and Call Control for Secure ISDN
Chung Hyun Cheol, Shin Ki Soo, Lee Sun Woo, Kim Bong Han, Kim Jeom Gu, Lee Jae Kwang
Compact Complementary Quadtree for Binary Images
Cho Young Woo, Kim Young Mo
A Study on the Optimal Message Length of File Transfer Protocol via Satellite and Terrestrial Links
Park Jin Yang, Lee Yong Hun, Kim Jeong Ho, Rhee Sang Burm
Strategy for An Adaptive UPC Algorithm with Buffer Threshold in ATM Network
Ahn Ock Jung, Chae Ki Joon
A Flow Control Scheme based on Queue Priority
Lee Goang Jun, Son Ji Yeon, Son Chang Won
Performance Improvement of Soft Real-Time Scheduler in OSF/1
Lee Seung Ho, Heu Shin
The Implementation of C Cross-Compiler for ES-C2340 DSP2 by Using the GNU Compiler
Kim Sung Ho, Lee Si Young, Kwon Yoock Choon, Yoo Hah Young, Han Ki Cheon
Character Extraction from Color Map Image Using Interactive Clustering
Ahn Chang, Park Chan Jung, Rhee Sang Burm
A Computational Study of Prosodic Structures of Korean for Speech Recognition and Synthesis : Predicting Phonological Boundaries
Lee Chan Do
An Implementation of Real time Video Multicasting Server
Kim Chul Woo, Lee Wan Jik, Lee Sun Woo, Lee Kyung Ho, Han Ki Jun
A High Speed Path Delay Fault Simulator for VLSI
Yim Yong Tae, Kang Yong Seok, Kang Sung Ho
Design and Implementation of a Fault Simulation System for Mixed-level Combinational Logic Circuits
Park Young Ho, Sohn Jin Woo, Park Eun Sei


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