Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 7, July, 1996

Language - generating Power of HRNCE Grammars
Jeong Tae Eui, Park Dong Sun
ABRN : An Adaptive Buffer Replacement for On-Demand Multimedia Database Service Systems
Jung Kwang Chul, Park Ung Kyu
An Extended Evaluation Algorithm in Parallel Deductive Database
Cho Woo Hyun, Kim Hang Joon
Concurrency Control Protocol for Main Memory Database Systems
Shim Jong Ik, Bae Hae Young
MissCW : Multiuser Interactive System for Synchronous Collaborative Writing
Sung Mee Young
Distributed Processing and On Minimum-Cost Rectilinear Steiner Distance-Preserving Tree
Cho Jun Dong
A Binding Environment for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
Lee Yong Doo, Kim Hie Cheol, Chae Soo Hoan
Extended Service Filtering Technique for Overload Control of Televoting Service Required for the Specialized Resources of Intelligent Peripheral
Jeong Kwang Jae
The Design and Implementation of Restructuring Tool with Logical Analysis of Object-Oriented Architecture and Design Information Recovery
Kim Haeng Kon, Choi Ha Jung, Byun Sang Yong, Jeong Yun Ki
A Study of Approximation Method of Spatial Objects
Kim Yong Hyun, Lee Hyung Soo, Lee Sung Soo, Kim Ung Mo
A Study on the Rule-Based Selection of Training Set for the Classification of Satellite Imagery
Um Gi Mun, Lee Kwae Hi
Theory Refinements in Knowledge-based Artificial Neural Networks by Adding Hidden Nodes
Shim Dong Hee
Rule Models for the Integrated Design of Knowledge Acquisition , Reasoning , and Knowledge Refinement
Lee Gye Sung
An Analysis System for Prepositional Phrases in English-to-Korean Machine Translation
Kang Won Seok
Interaction Control in a Distributed Multiagent System
Baeg Soon Cheol, Choi Joong Min, Lim Young Hwan, Jang Myoeng Wuk, Park Sang Kyu, Lee Gowang Lo
Design and Performance Evaluation of Open Information Retrieval Service System
Kim Dong Won, Ryu Won, Jun Kyung Pyo, Bae Hyeon Deok
Security Interoperation of Network Management Systems using Role Lattices
Seo Jae Hyeon, Kim Tae Yeon, Noh Bong Nam
Data Conversion Schemes for Efficient Transmission on End-to-End Asynchronous Secure Communication
Chung Hyon Cheol
Design and Development of an Alarm Gathering Interface Equipment for ATM Switching System
Yang Choong Reol, Kim Jin Tae
Multi-Multicast Server for Video Conferencing on Information Super Highway
Ahn Sang Joon, Lee Seung Ro, Han Sun Young
The Design of Knockout Switch Structure For Improving Performance of Inter-Processor Communication in Mobile Communication System
Park Sang Kyu, Kim Jae Hong, Lee Sang Jo
The Fuzzy Traffic Control Method for ABR Service
Yoo Jae Taek, Kim Yong Woo, Lee Jin Yi, Lee Kwang Hyung
Visualization of Affine Invariant Tetrahedrization ( Slice-Based Method for Visualizing the Structure of Tetrahedrization )
Lee Kun
A Construction of the Multistep Optimal Three-Dimensional Finite Elements for the Mandible Structure Analysis
Lee Hyung Woo, Dokko Seh Joon, Lee Seong Whan, Kim Chang Hun, Kim Tai Yun
The MTTF Analysis of Multiple-Disk System with General Repair Time Distribution
Park Kwang Kyu, Min Byung Eui, Lee Beom Ryeol, Im Sung Ho, Oh Gil Rok
An Extended Scan Path Architecture Based on IEEE 1149.1
Son Woo Jung, Yun Tai Jin, Ahn Gwang Seon


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