Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 6, June, 1996

Design of the Complex Object Algebra for Enhancing Expressive Power
Song Gy Young, Bae Hae Young
Management Protocols of Global Transactions Based on Transaction State Transitions in an Optimistic 2-phase Commit Protocol
Shin Dong Cheon
A Multimedia Data Buffer Management Technique Using Variable Size Buffer
Cho Yeong Sub, Kim Jae Hong, Bae Hae Young
Horizontal Protocol Processing Architecture for High Performance Parallel Processing
Kim Pyeong Jung, Park Chee Hang
A Discrete Model of Conveyor Systems for FMS
Shin Ok Keun
Distributed Processing and Array Localization for Multithreaded Code Generation
Yang Chang Mo, Yoo Weon Hee
Distributed Processing and A Study for Time-Driven Scheduling for Concurrency Control and Atomic Commitment of Distributed Real-Time Transaction Processing Systems
Kim Jin Hwan
Distributed Processing and An Efficient Data Distribution Method on a Distributed Shared Memory Machine
Min Ok Gee
A Semantic Similarity Measure for Retrieving Software Components
Kim Tae Hee, Kang Moon Seol
An Object Model Uerification System based on the Constraint Language
Kim Jin Soo, Kang Kwon Hak, Lee Kyung Hwan
The Prediction Performance of the CART Using Bank and Insurance Company Data
Park Jeong Sun
A study on the Response Characteristics of Fuzzy Controller & Fuzzy Neural Network Controller
Kim Hyung Soo, Lee Sang Boo, Kim Hong Gi
Design and Implementation of the Postal Route Optimization System Model
Nam Sang Woo
Library Function Development for Internet MOSS ( MIME Object Security Service )
Yoon Seong Soon, Yoon Ki Song
Universal Personal Telecommunications using Specialized Resource Functions in the Intelligent Peripheral
Kim Ki Ryeung, Kim Tae Il, Choi Go Bong
Design and Implementation of Federation of Connection management for Interworking
Lee Han Young, Lim Kyeong Jun, Seo Dong Sun
A study on implementation of software development environment for SDL
Choe Young Han, Kim Sung Un
The Design of Secret Multi-Paths on MRNS ( Mixed Radix Number System ) Network for Secure Transmission
Kim Seong Yeol, Chung Il Yong
Design and Implementation of an Extended Directory System for Management of the DFR Attributes
Yim Jae Hong, Kim Young Jun
Visualization of 4-Dimensional Scattered Data Linear Interpolation Based on Data Dependent Tetrahedrization
Lee Kun
Effective Real-Time Scheduling in Composite Task Model
Kim In Guk
An Effective Representation of Combination Rule for the Hangul Typeface Design
Lee Byung Gook, Park Yun Beom, Lee Woan Kyu
An Effective Estimation Method for Lexical Probabilities in Korean Lexical Disambiguation
Lee Ha Gyu
An Efficient Correction Method for Misrecognized Words in Off-line Hangul Character Recognition
Lee Byeong Hee, Kim Tae Kyun
DBAH operator and fuzzy reasoning of thresholds for extracting sketch features
Cho Sung Mok
The Extraction of Vertex on 3-D Object using 3-D Curvature
Yoon Hyung Tae
A new pyramid structure for progressive transmission of palettized color images
Cho Young Woo, Kim Young Mo
Conditional Moment-based Classification of Patterns Using Spatial Information Based on Gibbs Random Fields
Kim Ju Sung, Yoon Myoung Young
Uniform Color Image Transformation based on Color Cluster Model
Lee Jeong Hwan, Park Se Heun, Kim Jung Su


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