Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 5, May, 1996

Tourist Information Schema Design Using X.500 Directory
Park Moon Sung, Oh Joo Byung, Yang Hae Chul, Lee Ryong Joon, Lee Jae Kwang
Autonomous Vehicle Tracking Using Two TDNN Neural Networks
Lee Hee Man
A Tele-conferencing System for Medical Diagnosis based on 3D-medical Images
Seo Yeong Geon, Kim Ung Hwan, Jung Moon Ryul, Park Young Taek, Oh Hae Seok
Effects of Hypermedia Menu Types and Metacognition on Errors at Learning stages and Achievement
Kim Byung Ki, Kim Jeong Rang, Park Sun Ju
Distributed Processing and Construction of an Estimation Model for Intersection Queue Length
Min Joon H ., Choi Jong U ., Cho Hyung K .
An Implementation of Mathematics Editor Using SGML Notation
Hyun Deuk Chang, Lee Soo Youn, Kim Tae Hyoung
Software Component Retrieval System for Version Control
Oh Sang Hyeub, Kim Hong Jin, Jang Deog Chul
Integrated Modeling of Distributed Object-Oriented Systems
Lee Sang Bum
A study on the Composition and Relationship of Reusuable Software Components
Kim Chi Su
Design and Implementation of a Text-to-Speech System using the Prosody and Duration Information
Yang Jin Seog, Kim Jae Beom, Lee Jung Hyun
Analysis of Recall Dynamics of Sequential Associative Memory with Delay Synapses
Kim Eung Soo
Neural Logic Network-based Fuzzy Inference Network and its Search Strategy
Lee Heon Joo, Kim Jae Ho
Research on the Table Vectorization in the Document Image
Kim Woo Sung, Shim Jin Bo, Park Yong Bhum, Moon Kyeong Ae, Ji Soo Yeong
A Methodology of the Information Retrieval System Using Fuzzy Connection Matrix and Document Connectivity Order
Kim Byung Ki, Kim Chul, Lee Seung Chai
An Authentication Scheme for Network Users Using Smart Card
Lee Jang Won, Hong Ki Yoong, Cho Hyun Sook
Dynamic Location Area Management Scheme Based on Mobile Subscribers in Cellular Mobile System
Kim Sang Oh, Lee Jae Yong, Ry Dai Hee
Design of Two-dimensional Digital Filter by Research and Educational CAD Tools
Song Lak Woon, Kim Jong Joon
Design and Implementation of Real-Time Satellite Communication Network Management System
Kim Sin Hong, Chae Yi Geun
An Efficient Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Hypercube Multicomputers
Bae Ihn Han
CMFstone : Synthetic User Programming Benchmark based on UNIX
Kwon Hyeog In, Lee Si Jin, Park Sung Uk
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering Pukyong University
Cho Gyung Yun
An Implementation of Functional Module Editor in the Gate-Array Layout Style
Sohn Jin Woo, Hong Sung Hyun, Jeong Young Sook, Rim Jong Seok
A Performance Simulation for Call Capacity of Base Station in CDMA Mobile System
Jun Moon Seog, Lee Dong Myung, Lee Chul Hee
A Design and Implementation of Functional Array for Improvement of the Traversal Time
Yoo Weon Hee, Joo Hyung Seok
A Study on Word Learning and Error Type for Character Correction in Hangul Character Recognition
Kim Tae Kyun, Lee Byeong Hee
On-line Recognition of Cursive Korean Characters Based on Hidden Markov Model and Level Building
Kim Sang Kyoon, Kim Kyung Hyun, Lee Jong Kook, Lee Jae Uk, Kim Hang Joon
A Study on Hangul Text Compression Using the Structural Feature of Hangul
Lee Gi Seog, Kim Yoo Sung
Vector Quantization Using a Dynamic Address Mapping
Seo Dae Wha, Bae Sung Ho, Park Kil Houm
The Method of Fast Fractal Image Coding
Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug, Song Kwang Suk, Kim Jeong Il, Kang Kyeong In, Park Gyong Bae
A New Approximate DCT Computation Based on Subband Decomposition and Its Application
Jung Sung Hwan
Edge Detection Using Informations of Edge Structures
Kim Soo Gyeam, Chang Yu Jung
High-level Modeling and Test Generation with VHDL for Sequential Circuits
Lee Jae Min, Lee Jong Han


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