Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 4, April, 1996

A Study on Reactive Congestion Control with Loss Priorities in ATM Network
Park Dong Jun, Kim Hyoung Ji, Lee Sang Hun
Design and Implementation of DHCP with Minimized Broadcasting Traffic
Ahn Seong Jin, Chung Jin Wook, Ham Young Hwan, Lee Choon Hi, Park Chang Soon, Kim Hae Jin
Design and Implementation of Two Dimensional lconic Image Indexing Method using Signatures
Chang Ki Jin, Chang Jae Woo
Efficient Content-Based Image Retrieval Method using Shape and Color feature
Youm Sung Ju, Kim Woo Saeng
Visual Object-Oriented Database Design Support System ( VODS )
Rhyoo Shi Kook, Kang Hyun Syug
View Index Technique using Signatures in Relational Databases
Yong Hwan Seung
Efficient Mapping Scheme for Parallel Processing
Kim Seog Soo, Jun Moon Seog
An Efficient Processor Allocation Scheme fer Hypercubes
Son Yoo Ek, Nam Jae Yeal
Distributed Shared Memory Scheme for Multi-thread programming
Seo Dae Wha
A Proposal on Data Priority Based Transaction Scheduling Algorithm and the Comparative Performance Evaluation in Real Time Database Management System
Yoon Seok Hwan, Lee Jae Young, Park Chee Hang
A Method for Combining Object-Oriented Design Modules
Heo Kwae Bum, Lee Jong Sup, Jeong Kwae Dong, Choi Young Eun
Analysis and Design Method of Tool for Construction of Integrated Environment of Software
Yang Hae Sool, Lee Ha Yong
A Study on the Formalization of Maintenance Management Systems and the Cost Predictive Model
Rhew Sung Yul, Baek In Sub, Kim Ha Jin
Advanced Faceted Classification Scheme and Semantic Similarity Measure for Reuse of Software Components
Kang Moon Seol
Feature Extraction of the 3-Dimensional Objects with Circular Cross Sections
Cho Dong Uk
The chaotic motion analysis by hardware implementation of Bonhoeffer Van der Pol oscillation model
Bae Yeong Chul, Shuh Sam Moon, Yim Wha Yeong
Shape Recognition Using Skeleton Image Based on Mathematical Morphology
Chang Chu Seock, Son Yoon Koo
A Study on an Algorithm for Eliminating False Feature Points
Jeong Yang Kwon, Choi Jae Ho
An Efficient Dempster - Shafer Evidence Combination Scheme for Uncertainty Handling
Lee Jae Sung
Performance Comparison of Various Features for Off-line Handwritten Numerals Recognition and Suggestions for Improving Recognition Rate
Park Chang Soon, Kim Doo Young
Improvement on The Complexity of Distributed Depth First Search Protocol
Choe Jong Won
The Design of Optimum Hierarchical Subband Filter Bank
Park Kyu Sik, Park Jae Hyun
Construction Methods of Switching Network for a Small and a Large Capacity ATM Switching System
Yang Choong Reol, Kim Jin Tae
Design and Operation of LAN Interconnection Service for Satellite Links
Kim Jeong Ho, Choi Kyung Soo
Signalling Network Management Using Object-Oriented Methods
Kim Tae Hyoung, Go Beung Do, Ryou Jae Cheol
Performance Evaluations of Hybrid Write-Piggybacking Technique for Disk System
Chang Yun Seok, Kim Hong Il, Kim Guk Boh
A Design and Implementation of High Speed Hardware Sorter with Reverse Radix Method
Park Hee Soon, Chun Jong Yun, Kim Hee Sook
A Design and Implementation of High Speed Hardware Sorter with Reverse Radix Method
Hwang Soon Ja, Kim Moon Hyun
Development of Statistical Analyzing Tool and System of Automatic Magnetizer
Yi Cheon Hee, Hah Ki Jong


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