Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 3, March, 1996

Database Interface System with Dialog
Woo Yo Seop, Kang Seok Hoon
Efficient Construction and Training of Multilayer Perceptrons by Incremental Pattern Selection
Zhang Byoung Tak
Elimination of Redundant Input Information and Parameters during Neural Network Training
Won Yong Gwan, Park Kwang Kyu
A Fuzzy Morphological Neural Principles and Implementation
Won Yong Gwan, Lee Bae Ho
Programming Methodology of the Computer Go
Kim Young Sang, Lee Jong Cheol
Image Edge Detection Applying the Toll Set and Entropy Concepts
Cho Dong Uk
Functional Programs as Process Networks using Program-derived Combinators
Shin Seung Cheol, Yoo Weon Hee
A Traffic Handling Scheme for Multi-Media Mobile Communication
Lee Moon Ho, Kim Byung Gi, Lee Hyoung
Design and Performance Analysis of ISDN Switching Systems for Frame Relay Service
Jang Jae Deug, Kim Jin Tae
Analysis of Cell Delay Variation of ATM Transmission for the Poisson and MMPP Input Model in the TDMA Method
Kim Jeong Ho, Choi Kyung Soo
Design and Performance Evaluation of a RPC Algorithm using Queue
Yun Dong Sic, Lee Byoung Kwan
Construction and Services Operation of South-West Regional Information System
Song Kwon Soo, Kang Moon Seol, Koh Hyeong Dae, Oh Byeong Kyun
A Timed Fuzzy Petri Net Model for General Purpose Real-time Fuzzy Control
Lee Gang Soo, Kim So Yeon, Yun Jung Mo
Technology Mapping of Sequential Logic for TLU-Type FPGAs
Park Jang Hyun, Kim Bo Gwan
Test Generation for Partial Scanned Sequential Circuits Based on Boolean Function Manipulation
Choi Ho Yong
A Multimedia Communication Service Terminal for N-ISDN BRI
Kim Seon Ja, Park Jong Hoon, Lee Ee Taek
Comparisons between Distributed Connections and Centralized Connections of Multimedia Streams for Computer-based Audio-Video Teleconferences
Lee Kyung Hee, Kim Doo Hyun, Lim Hun Gyoo, Lim Young Hwan
On the Design and Analysis of Multimedia I/O for Video Conference
Chung Ha Jae, Lee Jeun Woo, Han Dong Won
Design and implementation of a Shared - Concurrent File System in distributed UNIX environment
Jang Si Woong, Chung Ki Dong
On a Concurrency Control and an Interface Design of Collaboration-aware Applications
Yoon Seok Hwan, Lee Jae Young, Park Chee Hang, Shin Yong Back
Synthesis of Multi-level Reed Muller Circuits using BDDs
Chang June Young, Lee Guee Sang
An Indexing Technique using Object Relationship Table in Object-Oriented Database Systems
Bu Ki Dong, Lee Sang Jo
A Translation of an Object Calculus into an Object Algebra
Lee Hong Ro, Kwak Hoon Sung, Ryu Keun Ho
The Implementation of Content-based Image Retrieval System Using Contours and Lines
Jeoung Won Ill, Koo Jeong Hyun, Choi Ki Ho


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