Digital Library

Vol. 3, No. 2, February, 1996

A Statistical Test for the Nonlinear Combiner Logic
Sung Dul Ok, Shin Sang Uk, Rhee Kyung Hyune
A Study of Software Reliability Model Using Error-Class
Cho Young Sik, Rhee Ryong Geun, Choi Hyung Jin, Yang Hae Sool
Message Routing Algorithm on an Injured Hypercube
Kong Heon Taek, Woo Jin Woon
Design of MHEG Engine for Distributed Multimedia / Hypermedia Applications
Lee Sei Hoon, Wang Chang Jong
Design of Conference Application service for Multimedia Conference System
Hyun Don Whan, Park Jung Soo, Choi Eun Sim, Hahm Jin Ho
Synchronization Controller for Multimedia Object in MHEG Engine
Cho Sung Been, Lee Hae Won, Kim Jin Suk, Park Sung Yul
Operation and Analysis of Network for Multivendor PLC Group Management in the Wall Paper Process
Kang Sung Duk, Lee Dong Choon, Kim Jeong Ho, Rhee Sang Burm
Compensation Analysis of Cell Delay Variation for ATM Transmission in the TDMA Method
Kim Jeong Ho, Choi Kyung Soo
The Traffic Control Mechanisms and Performance Analysis of Multimedia Synchronization Cell
Jeon Byeong Ho, Kim Tae Kyun
Parallel Processing and Virtual Reality : Efficient Parallel Logic Simulation on SIMD Computers
Chung Yun Mo
Parallel Processing and Virtual Reality : A Checkpointing and Error Recovery Algorithm Based on 2-Phase Commit Protocol for Distributed Transaction
Park Yoon Young, Jun Soung Ik, Cho Ju Hyun
Parallel Processing and Virtual Reality : A Monitoring Mechanism for the System-Level Test of Telecommunications Distributed Applications
Lee Han Young, Min Byung Jun, Kim Moon Hae, Seo Dong Sun, Hur Wong
On Character Region Extraction by Cost Minimization Method
Kim Seok Tae
Preprocessed Cholesky-Factor Downdatings for Observation Matrices
Kim Suk Il, Lee Chung Han, Jeon Joong Nam
Recognition Model of the Vehicle Type using Clustering Methods
Cho Hyung Ki, Min Joon Young, Choi Jong Uk
A Simple Connection Pruning Algorithm and its Application to Simulated Random Signal Classification
Won Yong Gwan, Min Byung Eui
Vector Quantization Compression of the Still Image by Multilayer Perceptron
Lee Sang Chan, Choi Tae Whan, Kim Jin Hong
Functional Characteristics of PREMO-An ISO Standard for Presentation Environments for Multimedia Objects
Kim Ha Jine, Kim Min Hong
A study to improve the frame buffer access bandwidth
Moon Sang Ho, Kang Hyun Syug, Park Kil Heum


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