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Vol. 3, No. 1, January, 1996

A Study on Performance Evaluation of Conveyor System in Corrugated Manufacturing Industry
Lee Young Jai, Kim Jae Sik
An Object-Oriented , Client-Server Architecture for a Generalized Multimedia Processing Model in a Distributed Multimedia System
Kim Doo Hyun, Lim Young Hwan
A video editing system for transition effects
Kim Jeong Hoon
Finding Rectilinear ( L1 ) , Link Metric , and Combined Shortest Paths with an Intelligent Search Method
Lim Joon Shik
Application of the Special Matrices to the Parallel Routing Algorithm on MRNS Network
Choi Wan Kyoo, Chung Il Yong
The Implementation and Performance Evaluation of PR-File Based on Circular Domain
Kim Hong Ki, Hwang Bu Hyun
A Rule-Based Database Verification System Based on the Integrity Constraints
Ryoo Myung Chun, Park Chang Hyeon
The Operational Semantics of Extended Relations for Multilevel Security
Cho Wan Soo, Bae Hae Young
An Object Linkage Model for Virtual Reality
Jou Wou Seok, Choi Sung Woon, Park Kyung Hee, Lee Hee Seung
A Study on a Conceptual Model for Distributed Problem Solving
Kim Eun Kyung
Reducing the Overhead of Virtual Address Translation Process
Woo Jong Jung
The Design of Group Communications Management for Groupware Environment
Kung Sang Hwan, Koo Yeon Seol
Design and Implementation of a Spectrum Engineering Simulator Based on GIS
Lee Hyung Soo, Jeong Young Ho, Chung Jin Wook
Estimation Methods for Linear Spatial Model on Lattice
Kwon Oh Ryong, Yum Joon Keun
A Revised Fractal Technique With Fixed Midpoints For A Specific Terrain Model
Noh Yong Deok
An Architecture of Vector Processor Concept using Dimensional Counting Mechanism of Structured Data
Cho Young Il, Park Jang Chun
A Study on Pipelined Architecture with Branch Prediction and Two Paths Strategy
Joo Young Sang, Cho Kyung San
Analysis of Performance for Computer System using BCMP Queueing Network with Priority Levels
Park Dong Jun, Lee Sang Hun, Chung Sang Geun
A Study on the Reengineering Tool with Concepts Recognition and Logical Analysis of Objects
Kim Haeng Kon
Using Artificial Neural Network for Software Development Efforts Estimation
Jun Eung Sup


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