Digital Library

Vol. 2, No. 6, June, 1995

TTY Device Driver Model of User-Level
Lee Hyung Ju, Rim Seung Rak
Short-Time Production Scheduling and Parts Routing for Flexible Assembly Lines
Shin Ok Keun
Fast Geometric Transformations of 3D Images Represented by an Octree
Heo Young Nam, Park Seung Jin, Kim Eung Kon
A Spelling Correction System Based on Statistical Data of Spelling Errors
Lim Han Kyu, Kim Ung Mo
The Automatic Extraction of Hypernyms and the Development of WordNet Prototype for Korean Nouns using Korean MRD ( Machine Readable Dictionary )
Kim Min Soo, Kim Tae Yeon, Noh Bong Nam
A Study on Compression and Decompression of Bit Map Data by Nibble RLE Code
Cho Gyung Yun
Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Mail System in Internet
Ra Seong Joo, Han Sun Young
The Design and Implementation of the Shuttle Protocol for Gathering Management Information Periodically
Kang Hyun Joong, Lee Sang Ill, Chung Jin Wook
Integrated Management of OSI network and TCP / IP internet with Delegation and Security Features
Kim Tae Yeon, Seo Jae Hyeon, Noh Bong Nam
A Study on Image Indexing Method based on Content
Yoo Weon Kyung, Chung Eul Yun
A Model of Systems Management for Quality of Service in ATM Networks
Lee Jae Oh, Park Phan Woo, Lee Kee Hyun, Cho Kuk Hyun
Congestion Control of ABR Traffic in ATM Network
Chae Ki Joon, Doh In Shil
An Efficient Block Segmentation and Classification Method for Document Image Analysis Using SGLDM and BP
Kim Joong Soo, Lee Jeong Hwan, Choi Heung Moon
The Integration of heterogeneous applications through Plug-and-Play
Baeg Soon Cheol, Choi Joong Min, Jang Myoeng Wuk, Park Sang Kyu, Min Byung Eui, Lim Young Hwan
A reordering scheme for the vectorizable preconditioner for the large sparse linear systems on the CRAY-2
Ma Sang Back
A Study on the Design of Parallel Multiplier Array for the Multiplication Speed Up
Rhee Kang Hyeon
A Multithreaded Architecture for the Efficient Execution of Vector Computations
Youn Sung Dae, Chung Ki Dong
An Availability Analysis Of Switching Control System with Hot Standby Fault Tolerant Architecture
Song Kwang Suk, Yeo Hwan Geun, Han Chang Ho, Moon Tae Soo, You Choong Yeol, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug, Yoon Chung Hwa
The Efficient Feature Extraction of Handwritten Numerals in GLVQ Clustering Network
Jeon Jong Won, Min Joon Young


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