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Vol. 2, No. 5, May, 1995

Feed-forward Learning Algorithm by Generalized Clustering Network
Min Joon Young, Cho Hyung Ki
Design of Artificial Neural Networks for Fuzzy Control System
Jang Moon Suk, Chang Duk Chul
Query Optimization with Knowledge Management in Relational Database
Nam In Gil, Lee Doo Han
Integration of Secure Distributed Object-Oriented Database Schemas
Noh Bong Nam, Park Woo Geun
The design of AIN SDF Server about the application of the X.500 for supporting the SCF / SDF in AIN
Park Moon Sung, Oh Ju Byoung, Jin Byeong Woon, Kim Hye Kyu, Park Sung Yul
A Traffic Shaping Scheme Considering ATM Traffic Characteristics
Kim Tai Yun, Choi Chang Won
Data Compression Capable of Error Control Using Block-sorting and VF Arithmetic Code
Lee Jin Ho, Cho Suk Hee, Park Ji Hwan, Kang Byong Uk
Block Classifier for Fractal Image Coding
Park Kyung Bae, Jung Woo Suk, Kim Jung Il, Jeong Keun Won, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug
A Parallel Thinning Algorithm by the 8-Neighbors Connectivity Value
Won Nam Sik, Son Yoon Koo
Object-Oriented Retrieval Framework to Construct the Reuse-Supporting Systems
Kim Jung A, Moon Chung Ryeal, Kim Seung Tae
A Method of Building an Process Model-based CASE Tool to Support Software Development and Management
Cho Byung Ho, Kim Tai Dal
Development of a G-machine Based Translator for a Lazy Functional Programming Language Miranda
Lee Jong Hee, Choi Kwan Deok, Yoon Young Woo, Kang Byong Ug
MI-MESI Write-invalidate Snooping Cache Coherence Protocol
Jhang Seong Tae
Effective Destination Decision Policies for Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Computer Systems with Star Topology
Lim Kyung Soo, Kim Chong Gun, Ha Sung Young
Logic Synthesis Algorithm for TLU-Type FPGA
Park Jang Hyun, Kim Bo Gwan
Design and Analysis of Continuous Media Representation Mechanism to minimize the Variance of Latency Time
Yeo In Kook, Hwang Dae Hoon
Middleware on Hanuri / C as a Multimedia Client-Server Application Development Tool
Lim Chae Deok
Determination of The Optimal Utilization of The UNIX Systems
Lim Jong Seul


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