Digital Library

Vol. 2, No. 4, April, 1995

Semantic Rewrite Rules at Object Oriented Query processing
Lee Hong Ro, Kwak Hoon Sung, Ryu Keun Ho
Remote Procedure Call Scheme to Support Fault - Tolerance
Han Suk Jin, Koo Yong Wan
An Effective Parallel and Pipelined Algorithm with Minimum Delayed Time in VLIW System
Suh Jang Won, Song Jin Hee, Ryou Chun Yeol, Jun Moon Seog
Updating Algorithms using a Galois-Lattice Structure for Building and Maintaining Object-Oriented Analysis Models
Ahn Hi Suck, Jun Moon Seog, Rhew Sung Yul
The Design and Implementation of C CLI for Information Resource Dictionary System
Park Joong Ki, Jin Seong Il, Lee Hun Ki
Design and Implementation of a Processor for the Reuse of Domain Analysis Information
Kim Ji Hong, Song Yong Jae
A Study on Construction of Reverse Engineering Environment in Forth Generation Language
Jin Young Bea, Wang Chang Jong
Evaluation of Image Segmentation Techniques
Lee Sung Ki, Kim Hyo Sun
Comparison of Parallel Preconditioners for Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems on a Massively Parallel Machine
Ma Sang Back
Performance Improvement of Parity Logging Scheme in RAID 5 by Eliminating Redundant Parity Image
Ghil Jun Ho, Lee Min Young, Lee Jin Ho, Park Myong Soon
A Parallel Algorithm for Merging Heaps on MasPar Machine
Min Yong Sik
Analysis of Pointer Adjustment Jitter Generated in Degraded Mode with Computer Simulation
Choi Seung Kuk
Transition-based Object-oriented Programming Systems ( TOPS ) for Hardware Simulation
Eum Doo Hun
An MIB Access Control Modeling for the Secure Management of Large Networks
Seo Jae Hyeon, Lee Chang Jin, Noh Bong Nam
A study on the development of PCB automatic routing system using the mixing method of non-grid and grid
Choi Young Gyu, Yi Cheon Hee
Implementation of the Highly Efficient Logic SIMulator
Park Jang Hyun, Lee Ki Jun, Kim Bo Gwan
High-Secure Multivariable Knapsack Cryptosystem
Lee Byoung Soo


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