Digital Library

Vol. 2, No. 3, March, 1995

Implementation Methods of Multipoint Control Unit for a Centralized Videoconference
Seong Dong Su, Hahm Jin Ho
Adaptive Load Balancing based on Consistency
Kim Jun Hyung, Oh Ha Ryoung, Lee Jae Moon
A Module Decomposition Method for Object-Oriented Design
Heu Guai Bum, Choi Young Keun
The Design and Implementation of a Software Complexity Measurement System
Lee Ha Yong, Rhee Ryong Geun, Park Jung Ho, Yang Hae Sool
The Design and Implementation of User Interface Builder to support Software Reuse System
Kim Sang Geun, Hong Chan Ki, Lee Kyung Whan
Software Complexity Measure Based on Program Control Structure Using Petri Nets
Lee Jong Kun, Song You Jin
An Optimal Path Planning of the Autonomous Guided Vehicle in the Environment with Dynamic Obstacles
Lee Yun Bae
A Robot Planning System Based on a Modified DFID Search Method
Yim Jae Geol
On the Design and Performance Analysis of Dynamic Stack Systems
Chung Chy Bong
A Simulation Model of Multipath Fading Channels
Lim Seng Gak, Kim Yun Seok
A Study for Efficient Multiple Access Protocol in Wireless LAN
Seo Ju Ha, Cho Churl Hee
An Improvement of Computation of Rotation Matrix for a 3D Image about an Arbitrary Axis
Kim Eung Kon, Heo Young Nam, Lee Woong Ki
Design of Virtual Manufacturing Device for MMS Operations in MAP Network
Kim Jeong Ho, Rhee Sang Burm
A New Routing Protocol for Cost-Effective Communication between Mobile Hosts
Tscha Yeong Hwan
Quantification Analysis Problem using Mean Field Theory in Neural Network
Cho Kwang Soo
On a Design and Implementation Technique of a Universal ATPG for VLSI Circuits
Chang Jong Kwon
Design of an Expandable VLSI Rebound Sorter
Yun Ji Heon, Ahn Byoung Chul


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