Digital Library

Vol. 2, No. 2, February, 1995

A Construction of Database System for Automation of Project Quantity Survey
Lee Min Nam, Lee Sang Burm
Parallel Algorithm For Level Clustering
Bae Yong Keun
Performance Enhancement Algorithm for Remote file service in VDFS
Yun Dong Sic, Lee Byoung Kwan
A Design of Data Repository for Software Maintenance Tools
Choi Eun Man
On the Quantitative Metrics of Software Reusability
Jang Hwa Sik, Park Man Gon
Development of Software Quality Assessment Tool
Yang Hae Sool, Kweon Ki Hyeon, Lee Ha Yong, Cho Young Sik, Rhee Ryong Geun, Park Jung Ho, Huh Tae Kyung
Design of a Spatial Filtering Neural Network for Extracting Map Symbols
Kang Ick Tae, Kim Wook Hyun, Kim Kyung Ha, Kim Young Il, Lee Gun Ki
Fuzzy Rule Identification System using Artificial Neural Networks
Jang Moon Suk, Chang Duk Chul
A Study of Morphophonemic Processes of Korean using Neural Networks
Lee Chan Do
Construction of Variable Pattern Net for Korean Sentence Understanding and Its Application
Han Kwang Rok
A Design of Performance Management System in Heterogeneous Networks
Hwang Jun, Kwon Hyeog In
An Efficient Line Clipping Algorithm on a Rectangular Window
Kim Eung Kon, Heo Young Nam, Lee Woong Ki
Automated Synthesis of Moore and Mealy-model Time-stationary Controllers for Pipelined Data Path of Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Kim Jong Tae
Conditional Branch Optimization in the Compilers for Superscalar Processors
Kim Myung Ho, Choi Wan


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