Digital Library

Vol. 2, No. 1, January, 1995

An Object Manager Interface for Object-Oriented Query Processing
Lee Yon Sik, Chon Byoung Sil, Ryu Keun Ho
Verification Model for Object Integration in Heterogeneous Distributed Database
Kim Yoeng Won
A Visual Programming Tool for Constructing Object-Oriented C++ Class
Ha Soo Cheol
Experimental Estimation of Data Flow Diagram for Man/Month Prediction Model Derivation
Yang Hae Sool, Kim Myoung Ok, Back Cheong Ho
On the Retesting Methodology and Reusing Test Cases for Software Maintenance
Hwang Sun Myung, Jin Yong Taek
A Fast Least-Squares Algorithm for Multiple-Row Downdatings
Lee Chung Han, Kim Suk Il
A Design of CMOS Analog-Digital Converter for High-Speed Low-power Applications
Yi Seong Dae, Hong Kuk Tae, Chung Kang Min
A New Trace Calculation Algorithm on Trinomial Irreducible Polynomial of RS code
Seo Chang Ho, Eun Hi Chun
Improved Mobility Management and Multicast Protocols for Mobile Hosts
Tscha Yeong Hwan, Sung Hyeon Kyeong
FDDI Throughput and Application Analysis of MAP Network Construction in Manufactruing Environment
Kim Jeong Ho, Lee Min Nam, Rhee Sang Burm
Investigation of Digital Filter Design using Improved Simulated-Annealing Technique
Song Nag Un, Yun Bok Sik
A Schedulability Analysis Method for Real-Time Program
Park Hung Bog, Yoo Weon Hee
Automatic Generation of Pointillist Representation-like Image from Natural Image
Do Hyun Sook, Cho Pyung Dong, Choi Hyung Jin


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