Digital Library

Vol. 1, No. 4, April, 1994

Load balancing Direction strategies in star network configurations
Lim Kyung Soo, Kim Soo Jeong, Kim Chong Gun
A Programmable Electronic Systems Dedicated to Safety Related Applications
Jung Soon Key, Wolfgang A . Halang, Coen Bron
Feature Extraction of Road Information by Optical Neural Field
Sohn Jin Woo, Lee Wook Jae, Lee Haing Sei
Automatic Extraction of Collocations based on Corpus using mutual information
Lee Ho Suk
The Design of High-Speed , High-Resolution D/A Converter for Digital Image Signal Processing with Deglitching Current Cell
Yi Seong Dae, Chung Kang Min
The Performance Analysis of Transmission Line Codes for the Very-High Speed Optical Transmission System
Yoo Bong Sun
Cell Marking and Priority Control Considering User Level Priority in ATM Network
Oh Chang Sei, Kim Tai Yun
Performance Analysis of Mini Slotted CDMA ALOHA System For Wireless Data and Personal Communication
Heo Jeong Seok, Yang Seong Ryong, Lee Jung Tae
Preformance Comparison of MILE Technique with POF ( Pencil of Functions ) Method for SEM Parameter Estimation
Kim Doug Nyun
Investigation of Small MPU Design and its Pipelining by Research CAD Tools
Lee Soo Jung, Park Do Soon, Song Nag Un
Interactive G1 Splines with Tangent Specification Method
Jou Wou Seok, Park Kgung Hee, Lee Hee Seung
Colormap Construction and Combination Method between Colormaps
Kim Jin Hong, Jo Chul Hoy, Kim Doo Young
Representation and Recognition of Shape by Curve
Koh Chan


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