Digital Library

Vol. 1, No. 3, March, 1994

Efficient Capturing of Spatial Data in Geographic Database System
Kim Jong Hoon, Kim Jae Hong, Bae Hae Young
An Optimal Parallel Sort Algorithm for Minimum Data Movement
Hong Sung Soo, Sim Jae Hong
Development of the Tool for Software Re-engineering and Maintenance
Kim Haeng Kon, Hwang Sun Myung
Stroke Extraction of Chinese Character using Mechanism of Optical Neural Field
Sohn Jin Woo, Lee Wook Jae, Lee Haing Sei
The Optimization of Knowledgebase for Swimming Pool Temperature Control Systems using Genetic Algorithms
Kim Sung Hark
Design and Implementation of a Hypermedia System with Dynamic Nodes
Park Jong Hoon, Choi Ki Ho
Some Properties on Automata and Their Input Semigroups
Park Chin Hong, Lee Chun Jin
Interworking of Multimedia Services in B- ISDN and N- ISDN
Chung Youn Ky, Kim Young Tak, Shon Yoon Koo
Performance Analysis of Timer Assignment and Utilization of the IEEE 802.4 Token Bus for Real Time Processing
Kim Jeong Ho, Lee Min Nam, Rhee Sang Burm
Scheduling Algorithms and Queueing Response Time Analysis of the UNIX Operating System
Lim Jong Seul
Design of Equal-Cost Bifurcated Routing A Case Study Using Closure Approximation
Lee Bong Hwan
A Study on the Development of a Tool for PLD Design
Kim Hee Suk, Won Chung Sang
A Compression Method for the True Color Images Using the Similarities of Data
Kim Tai Yun, Song Gil Young, Cho Kwang Moon, Choi Chang Won
An Efficient Method to Determine Next Point for Extracting a Contour Line
Lee Jin Seon, Chung Seung Jong
A Study of Automatic Vehicle Control by Image Processing
Choi Hyung Jin, Yang Hae Sool


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