Digital Library

Vol. 1, No. 2, February, 1994

A Basic Study on a Database Product Costing Method in the Database Service
Lee Young Jai, Kim Chang Hee
The Locking Protocol using Identifier in an Object-Oriented Database Systems
Bae Seok Chan, Hwang Bu Hyun
Design and Implementation of Interfacing System for Graphical Display of Temporal Databases
Lee Eun Bae, Ryu Keun Ho
A Fault Tolerant Transaction Management in Multidatabase Systems
Shin Seoung Chul, Hwang Bu Hyun
Distributed Algorithm for Updating Minimum - Weight Spanning Tree Problem
Park Jung Ho, Min Joon Young
Proposal and Evaluation of a Cost Estimation Model Considering Software Quality
Rhee Ryong Geun, Yang Hae Sool
A formal Definition of Semi-Join Based Reduction Method of Petri Nets
Lee Jong Kun
Rotation and Size Invariant Fingerprint Recognition Using The Neural Net
Lee Nam Il, Woo Yong Tae, Lee Jeong Hwan
Developing a Neural-Based Credit Evaluation System with Noisy Data
Kim Jung Won, Choi Jong Uk, Choi Hong Yun, Chung Yoon
A Efficient Curve Drawing Algorithm Using Forward Differences
Lee Sang Rak, Sim Jae Hong
A Scheduling mechanism for Real-Time Messages on Dual-Link Networks
Lee Myung Jin, Lee Jeong Bae, Jang Duk Sung
Robustness in the Distributed Election Strategies Based on the bidirectional preference of a Node
Chin Ki Bum, Choi Kyung Hee, Lee Hyung
Implementation and Operation of Network Interface Module based on Mini-MAP Environment
Lee Min Nam, Kim Jeong Ho, Rhee Sang Burm
Design of Test Pattern Generator and Signature Analyzer for Built-In Pseudoexhaustive Test of Sequential Circuits
Kim Yeoun Sook


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