Digital Library

Vol. 1, No. 1, January, 1994

Temporal Database Management Testbed
Kim Dong Ho, Jeon Keun Whan, Jeong Kyung Ja, Kim Kee Jung, Ryu Keun Ho
Bayesian Algorithms for Evaluation and Prediction of Software Reliability
Park Man Gon, Raymond H . Dean
An Extended Faceted Classification Scheme and Hybrid Retrieval Model to Support Software Reuse
Kang Moon Seol, Kim Byung Ki
On the Program Conversion and Conditional Simplification for VECTRAN Code
Hwang Sun Myung, Kim Haeng Kon
Design of Object-Oriented Form System
Eum Doo Hun
Formulations of the Law of Demeter in the Object Oriented Programming
Hwang Suk Hyung, Rhee Ryong Geun, Yang Hae Sool
Object Recognition by Fourier Descriptor
Oh Choon Suk, Park Young Bum
Image Coding Using DCT Map and Binary Tree-structured Vector Quantizer
Cho Seong Hwan, Kim Eung Sung
Connectivity of X-Hypercubes and Its Applications
Kwon Kyung Hee, Zheng Si Qing
Design of a Bidirectional Switching Network for High-Speed Processing of LSI Pattern Data
Kim Sung Jin, Seo Hee Don
The PALM system : Architecture and Network Performance
Kim Suk Il
A Program Transformational Approach for Rule-Based Hangul Automatic Programming
Hong Sung Soo, Lee Sang Rak, Sim Jae Hong
Morphological Analysis with Adjacency Attributes and Phrase Dictionary
Lim Kwon Mook, Song Man Suk


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