A New Routing Algorithm for ISPN

KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), Vol. 4, No.5, pp.1308-1318, May 1997
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This paper proposes a new routing algorithm, the Bandwidth-Delay-Loss based Routing(BDLR) algorithm, which supports the selection of an efficient routing path by considering the characteristics and QoS requirements of integrated services over the Integrated Services Packet Network(ISPN), and also compares it with other routing algorithms by simulating their performances on the various combinations of the realtime and non-realtime traffic over the ISPN. The simulation shows that the BDLR algorithm takes great advantages on transmission delay, the satisfiability of QoS requirements, and the adaptation of traffic environment over the other routing algorithms proposed for ISPN until now.


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C. M. Lee, L. K. Il, P. N. Hoon, and K. S. Ha, "A New Routing Algorithm for ISPN," KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), Vol.4, No.5, pp.1308-1318, 1997, DOI: null.

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Cha Mi Lee, Lee Kwang Il, Park Nam Hoon, and Kim Sang Ha, "A New Routing Algorithm for ISPN," KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 1308-1318, 1997. DOI: null.

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Lee, C. M., Il, L. K., Hoon, P. N., and Ha, K. S. 1997. A New Routing Algorithm for ISPN. KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), 4, 5, (1997), 1308-1318. DOI: null.