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1. An Enhanced Step Detection Algorithm with Threshold Function under Low Sampling Rate
Bo Yeon Kim, Yun Seok Chang, KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems, Vol. 4, No.2, pp.57-64, February 2015
KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems
2. A Design and Implementation of A Robot Client Middleware for Network-based Intelligent Robot based on Service-Oriented
Dong Gyu Kwak, Jae Young Choi, KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 19A, No.1, pp.1-8, January 2012
KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012)
3. A Location Information-based Gradient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Min Young Bang, Bong Hwan Lee, KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 17C, No.3, pp.259-270, March 2010
KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012)
4. Java Remote Service Invocation for OSGI Framework to Enhance Inter-Operations of Services on OSGi
Jae Hyun Choi, Jae Won Park, Nam Yong Lee, KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 16D, No.6, pp.935-944, June 2009
KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012)
5. Design of An Efficient Home Network Service Control System based on Non-Periodic Data Collection Mode
Hyun Je Woo, Mee Jeong Lee, KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 16C, No.6, pp.773-782, June 2009
KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012)
6. Design of an Efficient Electrocardiogram Measurement System based on Bluetooth Network using Sensor Network
Sun Jae Kim, Won Wook Oh, Chang Soo Lee, Byoung Muk Min, Hae Seok Oh, KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 16C, No.6, pp.699-706, June 2009
KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012)
7. A Design and Implementation of User Device Framework for Service Adapted Contents
Jin Sung Kim, Jae Dong Lee, KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 16D, No.5, pp.801-808, May 2009
KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012)
8. Context-based Dynamic Access Control Model for u-healthcare and its Application
Chang Won Jeong, Dong Ho Kim, Su Chong Joo, KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 15C, No.6, pp.493-506, June 2008
KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012)
9. Real-Time Remote Display Technique based on Wireless Mobile Environments
Jung Hee Seo, Hung Bog Park, KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 15C, No.4, pp.297-302, April 2008
KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012)
10. A Markup Language for Describing the Linkage Between Sensor Data and Service in the Ubiquitous Environment
Hun Soon Lee, Seung Il Jin, KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 15D, No.2, pp.247-256, February 2008
KIPS Journal D (2001 ~ 2012)
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