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1. Fast Hierarchical Search Method for Multi-view Video Coding
Hyo Sun Yoon, Mi Young Kim, KIPS Transactions on Software and Data Engineering, Vol. 2, No.7, pp.495-502, July 2013
KIPS Transactions on Software and Data Engineering
2. Design of Luma and Chroma Sub-pixel Interpolator for H.264 Motion Estimation
Seon Young Lee, Kyeong Soon Cho, KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 18A, No.6, pp.249-254, June 2011
KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012)
3. Efficient Integer pel and Fractional pel Motion Estimation on H.264/AVC
Hyo Sun Yoon, Hye Suk Kim, Mi Gyoung Jung, Mi Young Kim, Young Joo Cho, Gi Hong Kim, Guee Sang Lee, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 16B, No.2, pp.123-130, February 2009
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
4. A CMOS Digital Image Sensor with a Feature-Driven Attention Module
Min Chul Park, Kyung Joo Cheoi, Takayuki Hamamoto, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 15B, No.3, pp.189-196, March 2008
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
5. 3D Facial Animation with Head Motion Estimation and Facial Expression Cloning
Oh Ryun Kwon, Jun Chul Chun, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 14B, No.4, pp.311-320, April 2007
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
6. Motion Estimation by Classification of Block Types
Hyo Sun Yoon, Jae Myeong Yoo, Mi Seon Park, Mi Young Kim, Guee Sang Lee, Nguyen Dinh Toan, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 13B, No.6, pp.585-590, June 2006
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
7. A Study on the Abrupt Scene Change Detection Using the Features of B frame in the MPEG Sequence
Joong Heon Kim, Jong Whan Jang, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 12B, No.5, pp.617-630, May 2005
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
8. A Fast Half Pixel Motion Estimation Method based on the Correlations between Integer pixel MVs and Half pixel MVs
Hyo Sun Yoon, Guee Sang Lee, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 12B, No.2, pp.131-136, February 2005
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
9. Motion Vector Estimation using T-shape Diamond Search Algorithm
Mi Young Kim, Mi Gyoung Jung, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 11B, No.3, pp.309-316, March 2004
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
10. A New Cross and Hexagonal Search Algorithm for Fast Block Matching Motion Estimation
Park In Yeong, Nam Hyeon U, Wi Yeong Cheol, Kim Ha Jin, KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012) , Vol. 10B, No.7, pp.811-814, July 2003
KIPS Journal B (2001 ~ 2012)
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