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1. Distributed Processing and Distributed Processing and Parallel Processing
Yoon Seok Hwan, Kim Pyoung Jung, Park Ji Eun, Lee Jae Young, Lee Tong Hyun, Kung Sang Hwan, KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), Vol. 4, No.5, pp.1196-1210, May 1997
KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000)
2. A Proposal on Data Priority Based Transaction Scheduling Algorithm and the Comparative Performance Evaluation in Real Time Database Management System
Yoon Seok Hwan, Lee Jae Young, Park Chee Hang, KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), Vol. 3, No.4, pp.803-816, April 1996
KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000)
3. On a Concurrency Control and an Interface Design of Collaboration-aware Applications
Yoon Seok Hwan, Lee Jae Young, Park Chee Hang, Shin Yong Back, KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000), Vol. 3, No.3, pp.631-639, March 1996
KIPS Journal (1994 ~ 2000)


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